10 Quick and Easy Home Updates To Make Before Your New Tenants Move In

If you are a landlord who is trying to rent a home to tenants, then it is an excellent idea to update the property. Potential tenants want to live in certain types of homes, and in a competitive market, a landlord must make a property look attractive. While you may not have a lot of money to spend on improvements, there are several things that you can do on your own to find the best tenants. Use these 10 quick and easy home updates to help you rent a home to new tenants faster.

Rental Home Preparation Tip 1: Get Rid Of the Clutter Inside the Home

Don’t try to rent a home that is filled with the clutter left behind by the previous tenants. Your old tenants might leave rotting food in the refrigerator and piles of dirty clothing in the closets. However, new tenants expect to move into a home that isn’t filled with trash. Bring along trash bags so that you can fill the items with the junk left by your old tenants. You may also need to have old furniture hauled away to a landfill.

Rental Home Preparation Tip 2: Wash the Walls, Ceilings and Floors Of the Home

Have mops, buckets and cleansers ready to wash the walls, ceilings and floors of a home after the old tenants move out of the building. This is a quick job that anyone can complete, but it leads to a home that looks sanitary. Make sure to have a ladder so that you can reach the higher areas of the walls along with the ceilings.

Rental Home Preparation Tip 3: Shampoo the Carpets Throughout the Home

Make sure to rent a carpet shampooer so that you can clean the dirty carpet fibers. When the previous tenants had pets or children, you will also need to remove nasty stains that may also create odors. Plan to shampoo the carpets after you remove all of the clutter and trash.

Rental Home Preparation Tip 4: Freshen the Air Inside the Rental Home

If a rental home has a foul odor, then tenants won’t want to live in it. In some cases, all you need to do is open the windows for a day to fill the home with fresh air. However, if the previous tenants were smokers, then you might need to rent an ozone machine to sanitize the air inside the home.

Rental Home Preparation Tip 5: Eliminate the Pests From the Rental Home

Potential tenants will look for any signs of pests, including rodents or insects. While cleaning the home, look for signs of pests that indicate that you need to hire an exterminator. Make sure to fill the holes and crevices in a home to keep filthy pests from entering.

Rental Home Preparation Tip 7: Add Fresh Coats Of Paint

If the previous tenants painted the walls or ceilings an odd color, then you will need to paint everything in a neutral color. New paint is also a great way to hide the damage from small scratches. If there are larger holes in the walls, then you will need to fill the items with putty.

Rental Home Preparation Tip 8: Maintain the Heating and Cooling Equipment

You should verify that a rental home’s air conditioner and furnace work properly so that the new tenants are eager to sign a lease. Make sure to change the filters on the cooling and heating equipment. This will also help with improving the air quality in a rental home.

Rental Home Preparation Tip 9: Scrub the Plumbing Fixtures In the Bathrooms

Take time to scrub the plumbing fixtures in the bathrooms so that tenants won’t worry about any exposure to bacteria. This job requires using strong cleansers to remove a buildup of mold or scum on the bathtubs and sinks.

Rental Home Preparation Tip 10: Clean the Exterior Of the Home

Anyone looking at a rental home will notice the exterior first, so make sure to sweep the debris from the front porch and use a power washer to clean the building’s siding. Polish the home’s windows so that the sunlight can enter to show-off the best features of the rental home.

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