3 Appliances Your Kitchen is Missing

With all the exciting tech in the marketplace right now, it’s no surprise that the kitchen of the future is shaping up to look a lot different than your mom’s kitchen (or even your own). This brand new wave of intelligent products might make you rethink the completeness of your own kitchen right now. What other appliances are out there right now that you’re not benefiting from?

1. Instant Pot

It might be time to ditch that old slow cooker and pick up a pot that thinks for itself. Smart Instant Pots continue to change the way we do things in the kitchen. Folks with a busy lifestyle will appreciate the instantness of just throwing your ingredients in the pot and walking away while it does the rest. Best of all, you can make things like pastries and cakes. The convenience of throwing your ingredients in, setting it, and heading out the door is a huge selling point for these small appliances. Best of all, they make everything taste great, and they have a lot of real estate to make bigger meals as well. They’re an instant asset in the kitchen.

2. Connected Ovens

We’ve all gotten used to the convenience of talking to our lights and/or mobile devices and telling them what to do, but now you can tell your own oven what to do. When you’re ready to fire it up, there are magic words to make it so, and it’s safe and simple to do. As we go forward, appliances like ovens are going to take on this technology. For now, only a few brands have smart ovens, so be sure to shop wisely if you’re on the hunt for an intelligent oven. You’ll be able to operate the oven remotely, too, via your cellphone, but the coolest, smartest ovens right now allow you to simply tell the oven what to do and have it spring into action. It’s as simple as saying the voice commands to activate, and there’s never a need to hook up to a mobile device. Even that is going to become a thing of the past in the future.

3. Smart Fridge

A Smart Fridge, such as Samsung’s 4-door fridge with Family Hub, is basically a mobile device built right into your fridge. You use Bixby on this particular brand, although other fridge’s will have different voice platforms. The Family Hub on Samsung’s smart fridge is a place where you can connect, post pics of the family on the fridge just like in the old days, and connect to your world through the door of your fridge. While some people prefer just to go to the fridge for some grub, there are people who really appreciate the connectedness of a fridge like this, so you might want to consider adding it to your appliance list this year.

As you can see, kitchen tech like smart fridges are taking over this year. The article mentioned here has a fridge that actually helps you cook your meals, so this isn’t just turning appliances on and off anymore. Now they’re helping to make you more efficient and proficient in the kitchen, improving your meal experiences and perhaps even keeping you healthier as you make your food count more.

Your kitchen is very likely missing all three of the above appliances, as you are just like everyone else and only now realizing that you can create an entire smart kitchen around yourself right now. These technologies were incredibly rare even a few short years ago, but now almost everyone has an Instant Pot sitting somewhere in their kitchen. Smart fridges and ovens are relatively new to the game, but as they increase in efficiency and function better, everyone is going to want to throw out those old boring appliances and replace them with a terrific smart appliance. Times are definitely changing.

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