3 Innovative Ways to Grow Your Nonprofit

Starting a non-profit agency is such a noble endeavor. When a person decides to start a non-profit, it’s built with the intention of serving others and making a direct impact on society. Knowing this, it can also be difficult to start from scratch. Unless there is a sizeable grant involved, it’s normally difficult to build a thriving non-profit without putting in some really long hours and hard work. Thankfully, there are really innovative ways for any nonprofit organization to grow and thrive in 2017. There are a few components to consider when embarking upon this journey.

Use volunteers and interns.

In many nonprofit organizations, volunteers are normally the lifeblood of the operation. Take a look at churches all across the world. The reason so many churches are able to thrive is that there are countless volunteers. The majority of the workers in the church community are unpaid volunteers. They’re committed to the mission of the church they belong to and they serve gladly. In the case of your own non-profit, it’s best to find people who are committed to the mission and are willing to serve wholeheartedly and with integrity. Whether your nonprofit provides food to the homeless or tutoring services to children in low-income neighborhoods, be intentional about attracting people who are excited about that type of mission. Find volunteers on college campuses and offer unpaid internships in exchange for college credit. Place advertisements on various job board sites and get the word out. Once there are enough people who are interested, do an interview process. Even if five volunteers only offer two hours of time each week, that’s still ten hours of productivity each week that don’t fall into your hands.

Master social media.

When you’re working with a smaller budget like many nonprofits do, free resources are incredibly helpful and beneficial. In this case, it’s really key to create social media channels and build a platform to get the word out. Get on some of the most popular social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Based on the type of services your non-profit provides, take advantage of hashtags and search engine optimization. To create a loyal and interested following, it’s really important to become intentional about producing quality content on a consistent basis. Make sure the content is eye-catching, shareable and engaging. Create contests and host challenges that encourage users to share your content. Use the power of brand influencers and ambassadors to share your message and place it in front of their thousands of followers. YouTube is owned by Google. Google is the largest and most visited website in the world. Take advantage of this platform by creating video content on a regular basis. The videos don’t need to be long, but they need to have the right keywords, great lighting and engaging information. The more buzz the organization gets through social media, the more growth and brand awareness the organization will experience.

Deliver lots of value consistently through email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital strategies to use. The percentage of people who open their inbox multiple times a day is very high. Knowing this, it’s best to create an e-newsletter that goes out to followers. Whether it’s through the use of social media, a website or sign-in sheet at a local event sponsored by your non-profit, always capture the email addresses of those who support and interact with you. Build an email list and offer value through various articles, free downloadable gifts and helpful information that will benefit the reader. As more people join and see the value of joining, the more they’ll stick around and encourage others to do the same. Unlike social media and other digital marketing strategies, an email list is something you own. Once you build it, you have the power and the ability to email as much as you want and whenever. With that type of power, the sky is the limit.

With any major goal, there has to be a significant amount of dedication and commitment. Even though the road may be challenging in the beginning, with these steps, it’s possible to experience success. When a nonprofit organization can thrive, it can reach people in need, make a long-lasting impact in the community and contribute to a better world. Those reasons are enough for any non-profit organizer to hang in there, get innovative and grow the organization to its highest potential.

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