3 Questions You Should Ask Your Alteration Specialist

Many people spend an incredible amount of money, time and energy trying to find the perfect outfit to wear for a special event or simply to add to their regular wardrobe. The challenge that they commonly face relates to finding garments that have an ideal look and fit. When clothes are mass produced, they are typically designed to fit the average dimensions of a person. Unfortunately, very few people have the exact same dimensions of an average person even if they wear the same size of clothes generally. For example, a pair of jeans that beautifully fits someone around the waist and is snug in the hips may be loose in the hips for another person. It is easy to overlook the simple solution of hiring a seamstress to alter your clothes, but this is nonetheless a wonderful solution to consider. These are some of the more important questions to ask your alteration specialist.

What Are the Options?

In most cases, it is easy to take in a seam rather than to let out a seam. With this in mind, if you are buying an outfit that does not fit quite right with the hopes of altering it to perfection, consider buying a size that is slightly larger than necessary rather than one that is a bit too snug in some areas. If you are in doubt, keep the tags on until after you have consulted with your seamstress. In the event of an “all sales final” situation, consider showing your seamstress pictures of the outfit before you make your purchase. If you are on great terms with your seamstress, you may even be able to text her images of the outfit while you are in the store. Always understand what your options are, and be clear about what you would like to accomplish through the alteration.

Will Alterations Change the Style or Look?

In many cases, your desire will be to keep the look of the outfit exactly the same. However, there may be instances when you prefer to change the style or look in some way. For example, you may want to change the waistline of a dress slightly or make a knee-length dress an inch or two higher. Depending on the material and the cut, some seemingly minor changes will have a bold impact on the style of the outfit. In some cases, a bold change may be intended and desirable. However, you should always know exactly what you should expect before the work is completed. You can see that the ability to communicate openly and clearly with your seamstress is critical. Do not expect your alteration specialist to be able to read your mind. You can always show the seamstress a few images of examples of what you are trying to accomplish if you are in doubt about your ability to clearly communicate your intentions.

Can You Fix It?

One of the more common reasons why people hire seamstresses is to alter new outfits. These are outfits that do not fit quite right from day one. However, other people need older outfits altered. For example, your body may have changed shape after a pregnancy, and you need to adjust the profile of several outfits. Some people may also be dealing with torn fabric, a ripped hemline or another issue. Skilled and experienced seamstresses may be able to work wonders in many cases, but there are always a few instances when nothing can be done to address the issue properly. Keep in mind that skills vary. If one seamstress cannot complete the work, do not give up hope. Consult with several experienced seamstresses to get their professional insights and opinions.

While some people only use the services of an alteration specialist for special occasions, such as to alter a wedding dress, almost any outfit can be altered as needed. In addition, many garments may be fixed in various ways. Because the services of this type of specialist may be used so frequently and effectively, it makes sense to find a reputable and skilled seamstress that you can develop an ongoing relationship with. Remember to openly and clearly get feedback related to these or other important questions before you decide to finalize your request for service.

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