3 Reasons for Women to Get Breast Augmentation

When you think about plastic surgery, one of the biggest procedure that comes to mind is the breast augmentation. While many may consider this enhancing the size of the breasts, that’s not always the case. Rather, this type of surgery is intended to alter the existing appearance and size of the breasts. This means the size can go up or down with this type of cosmetic surgery.

You may be wondering why some people may want to decrease their breast size when so many women try to enhance theirs. The truth is that medical problems can result from having breasts that are big. In addition, there are other medical reasons that can make undergoing a breast augmentation a necessity for some women. In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at the top three medical reasons why women undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

For those women who were battling cancer and had to have breast tissue removed, breast augmentation may be a necessary surgery to reconstruct their breast back to its normal state. Whether there is a need for construction of one or more breasts, breast augmentation surgery is there to help. This is an important type of surgery that helps women who have undergone a mastectomy better heal from their condition and feel like themselves again.

When undergoing this type of procedure, the woman will be given the option of various types of breast implants to reconstruct her breast or breasts. These include saline and silicone implants. Each material has its own pros and cons for use. For example, saline is a harm-free material that is very safe to have inside of the body. Silicone is said to feel more like real breasts, however, it can be dangerous when it leaks inside of the body. You should be talking with your local cosmetic surgeon to understand what type of breast implant is right for your body.


Pregnancy is one of those times where there is a lot that can change in the female body. As the breasts undergo milk production, they can start to sag, lose volume, and even decrease in their natural size. After giving birth, this can create real self-esteem issues for a mother. Undergoing breast augmentation surgery is a great way to help them enhance their self-confidence level and start loving their bodies again.

This type of cosmetic surgery is typically included with what is called a mommy makeover surgery. This is a term given to a group of cosmetic procedures that include breast augmentation, breast lifts, tummy tucks, and liposuction from various areas of the female body. All of these are done with the idea of restoring the woman’s body back to its natural state before giving birth to their child. This enhances self-confidence for the woman post-pregnancy.

Weight Loss Changes

While losing weight is something that most of us strive for, it’s not the end of it. When your body loses excess fat, it can leave unfavorable changes on your body. When it comes to your breasts, they can start to sag more. You may notice that there are excess fat pockets that develop around the chest region. Getting these treated can be done with breast augmentation surgery. It will enhance the overall appearance of the breasts in a woman who has lost a significant amount of body fat. This also works to improve her self-esteem about her body and the appearance of her breasts.

Breast augmentations are the most popular form of cosmetic surgery that is currently performed. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of all the reasons that breast augmentation surgery can be helpful for women of all walks of life. While some of the reasons may be just elective to enhance one’s overall appearance, there are medical reasons as well that make this surgery a necessity for women all around the globe.

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