3 Surprising Everyday Items that are Laminated

There are a number of things that you will see during your day that are laminated to help protect them and extend their life. When you go out to eat, the menu is laminated so that food doesn’t damage the paper and they can be wiped clean to look like new. Your driver’s license is laminated so it will last for several years until it needs to be renewed. Although you have seen these items, you most likely take them for granted.

Today we will discuss 3 surprising everyday items that are laminated that you probably would have never realized;

1. The Baby Bibs

Some people go through baby bibs like others go through paper towels, tossing them out when they are soiled, but others want to cherish those tiny pieces of cloth. Make no mistake about it, most families have a half-dozen baby bibs at the ready because one meal that consists of mashed peas or carrots will wind up on the bib and not in the baby’s mouth, and these bibs need to get in the wash after one meal. Washing the bibs at this rate and they lose their luster in short order. Some people have discovered that by laminating the bibs, all you have to do after feeding the baby is to simply wipe it down with a cloth and warm water and it is ready to go when the baby is hungry again.

Others cherish everything that touches their baby, and to create a keepsake of the very first bib they owned, they laminate the bib and store it away for safe keeping once the baby grows out of that stage. The laminated bibs can be stored away for decades, giving them back to the child once they have a family of their own.

2. Creating Inexpensive Whiteboards

Whiteboards are popular today in classrooms, business meetings, and training sessions. The whiteboard itself is not too expensive, but when you need a few dozen for the classroom and they keep disappearing, it can put a hurt on just about any size budget. One surprising way to make use of the laminating machine is to create whiteboards. Chances are you may have seen and never realized these little laminated whiteboards in your favorite bistro or luncheonette. They are simply to make, and they cost a fraction of what it would to buy a real whiteboard.

The only thing really required is a white pieces of paper, cardboard for support, and the laminating sheets. Once the plastic is secure over the cardboard and paper, the markers used on traditional whiteboards can now be used to create messages that wipe away with a clean paper towel, sponge, or eraser. They cost pennies on the dollar compared to the ones available for sale at the office supply stores.

3. Preserving Pictures and Gifts

Most kids today will never understand the excitement in taking the film to the processing company and waiting a week before your pictures were ready. Kids today take hundreds of pictures each day, and thousands of them fill up SIM cards and never get to see the light of day. There are millions who have discovered that you can create unique and thoughtful gifts by turning back the hands of time and getting your pictures printed out and then laminated to preserve them forever. Perhaps you want to do something nice for your grandmother at the nursing home, so you print the picture, laminate it, and they won’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

Families today will laminate pictures of their kids, attach them to book bags and backpacks so they are not misplaced or stolen. A great gift idea is laminating the picture so it can be used as a mouse pad on your desk without the picture ever fading or getting damaged.

As you can see, if you want to protect something, you can laminate it. The laminate sheets come in all sizes, and if it cannot fit in a laminating machine, a hair dryer could certainly help apply enough heat to cause the film to conform to the object. If it is something worth protecting, there is certainly a way to laminate it.

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