3 Ways Radar Speed Signs Are Useful

We’ve all been driving down the road and experienced those speed signs that tell us how fast we’re traveling. Whether you like these speed signs or not, they’re getting used more and more often by not only the police department but other private property owners. Let’s take a look at what speed signs do and the top three ways these radar speed signs are effectively used. 

Radar speed signs are an interactive device that consists of a series of LEDs that display a passing vehicle’s speed. These devices use radar technology to detect the speed of objects. Most of these signs will have flashing lights when an encroaching vehicle is over five miles an hour over the recommended speed limit in the area. This alerts the driver of their excessive speed so that they can decrease it to the recommended level.

They Tell Drivers Their Speed

It’s not uncommon to be driving down the road and letting your mind wander off onto what else you have to do for the day. When you pass one of these radar speed signs, it can grab your attention and let you know that you’re traveling too fast. Many people don’t realize how fast they’re going and can easily adjust their speed down when they are alerted by the radar speed sign. In this event, the sign is very useful in alerting the driver of their excessive speed and brings their mind back to the driving task at hand. 

They Make People Slow Down

When radar speed signs are set up for an extended period of time, you get to know that it will be there. This can make you instinctively check your speedometer each time you drive through that specific location. This helps to get you to control your speed in that particular area, which is what the police or other agency wants you to do. The ultimate goal of setting up radar speed signs is to get more traffic to slow down while in the area. Over time, these speed signs tend to gain more momentum and are more effective to control speeders in the area. 

They Correct Speed Problems Without Labor Costs

While having police officers on the roadway to help keep speeders at bay is nice to keep safe roadways, it’s still expensive to do. You have to pay for the police officers each and every day. If you need more speed enforcement, the township or bureau would need to hire more police officers to do the job. This can be difficult in areas where there is not a large police force or where there is a lack of funding to pay officers for their efforts. 

Radar speed signs provide a great labor-free alternative that can enforce speed without an officer being present. Sure, the cost of the machine is something that must be factored into the budget. However, compare the use of the sign to paying an officer to sit in the same location and we’re sure you’ll discover that the machine will pay for itself in no time. Plus, the machine can operate all day long. This allows you to get the effective results from drivers who take that route around the clock instead of being restricted to only a few select hours throughout the day. 

Radar speed signs are an effective approach to reducing the amount of speeding traffic through particular roadways. These speed signs can be used by local police departments on city roadways or by private businesses throughout their parking lots or neighborhoods. Either way, they’re an effective way to help reduce speeders in the area.

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