3 Ways to Experience Chinese Culture in the United States

China is one of creation’s oldest civilizations. The people have a massive impact on the entire continent of Asia as well as the rest of the world. From paper to silk, their products and methods have immigrated to the states along with their people. If you want to explore this fantastic culture and see what it has to offer, then there are plenty of opportunities to do so in America. Here are three ways that you can experience the Chinese culture close to home.

1. Eat Dim Sum or Other Oriental Delicacies

Heading to most Chinese restaurants is not going to give you anything near the experience you would have eating the food in the native land. However, there are a few that serve a more ethnic variety. Dim sum is a popular form of famous food that is served family style. It allows you to sample several types of treats rather than just one dish. The carts contain one dish, and the servers go around for you to try what’s on their cart. It’s not buffet eating as they bring it to you, but it’s a great way to find out what you like.

2. Take A Trip to Chinatown

While NYC has the most famous Chinatown in the states, numerous cities across this country have a similar area. These cities are simply locales where a vast amount of Asian people have settled. Here, they will dominate the shopping and overall culture of the area. Going to one of these regions will allow you to experience their culture in person rather than reading about it.

It’s not uncommon to see public performances that showcase the Chinese arts. You might see art galleries full of their beautiful paintings as well as get a helping of chicken feet served with sticky rice. Have you ever seen Chinese calligraphy? It’s truly an art form of its own. There is so much to do you need to devote a reasonable amount of time to see and explore all they have to offer.

3. Embrace Tai Chi and Attend a Class

Many martial arts have their roots based in Chinese history. However, Tai Chi is one of the most popular these days. These set of movements help a person to learn self-defense. In America, these ancient art forms are seen as a way to relax and de-stress from the daily grind. Learning to control your arms and legs with elegance and grace can relax many parts of the body.

Due to the popularity of this art form, many communities offer classes for both young and old. Most give a free class for you to see what it’s all about before you join. Almost all these courses are taught by experts or natives that can teach you the importance of the movements as well as how and why it works. To help embrace their students further in the culture, many instructors will use aspects of their culture. It’s a great way to help familiarize their class with the Chinese concepts and often used terms.

Explore Their Impact on Our Country in Its Many Forms

The diversity in the United States allows people like the Chinese to come in and feel free to share their nation with us. While these are three good examples of ways to embrace their culture, there are many more. Learning to speak the language is also an exciting way to connect to the people. It’s one of the hardest languages to learn, but it will come in handy as more people from this region become American citizens. Does the country of China fascinate you? Are you drawn to their people and methods? Why not take a trip and explore their impact on our civilization?

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