4 Advantages of Using a Financial Company to Manage Your Money

Modern investors have many options for investing their own money. Long gone are the days of needing a broker to buy and sell stocks on the stock market. However, just because a person can invest his or her own money without a professional, it does not make it a good idea. There are many important reasons that a person should use a financial company to manage his or her money.

Investment Knowledge 

Most investors know about investing in stocks, but there is an almost innumerable number of ways that money can be invested. Municipal bonds, money market accounts, real estate, currency exchanges and commodity futures are just a few of the many investments possible. It is almost impossible for a person to be informed of all the options. However, financial companies work hard to keep their employees trained on the options that are available and when they make good sense. For example, some investments are better suited for short term use and others are better suited for long term use. By using a financial company to manage his or her investments, a person will have access to the wealth of information that investment professionals have to offer. 

Emotional Support 

Having access to a financial advisor is about more than just knowledge. An advisor can help an investor to deal with the emotions of investing. When markets go down, many investors panic and sell. However, seasoned investors know that a falling market creates buying opportunities that can result in significant profits over time. In addition, advisors can help investors to not stay in a winning investment too long. Knowing when to sell can be just as important as knowing when to buy. A financial advisor can help an investor to understand market movements and how to take appropriate actions when the unexpected happens. A financial advisor can also help an investor to manage risks in his or her investment account. 

Tax Savings 

Moving in and out of investments has tax consequences for investors in both the current tax year and in future tax years. Understanding the tax implications of investments and keeping track of that information, can be a difficult job. By having a financial company helping with investments, an investor can rely on the company’s reports and records for tax purposes. In addition, a financial planner can help the investor to make wise investing decisions to reduce the investor’s tax burden. By simply avoiding tax mistakes, an investor can achieve significantly higher investment returns over time. In addition, an advisor can help an investor to pass money from one generation to the next. Effective estate planning can reduce taxes and simplify the transfer of assets. 

Time Savings 

Economists use a term called ‘opportunity cost’. Opportunity cost is the difference between using a person’s time for one task instead of another. For example, a nurse who makes $25 an hour will lose $10 when taking an hour off to wash his or her car instead of paying someone $15 to do it. There is also significant opportunity cost loss by an investor who chooses to invest without assistance. All the time that an investor spends managing money could be spent working to make more money or in a leisure activity with family and friends. Working with a financial planning company can free up many hours of time each year for other endeavors. 

Financial companies have streamlined processes to help investors to maximize their investment returns with low expenses. While the decision of whether or not to use a financial planning company is a personal one, many investors may find that the advantages of working with a professional far outweigh the small savings they may achieve investing on their own.

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