4 Easiest Bathroom Remodeling Projects

If you are looking to make a major change to your bathroom, you could be thinking about doing a renovation. However, if you want to make a big change quickly or if you are on a budget, you could be thinking about doing the remodeling yourself. If this is the case, then you could be looking for easy project ideas that a beginner can do. On top of being easy, you might also be hoping that the projects that you tackle will have a big impact on the way that your bathroom looks when you get finished. Fortunately, these are a few easy bathroom remodeling projects that you can tackle if you would like to make a big and positive change, even if you would like to save money and do most of the work yourself.

1. Painting the Walls

In just about any room of the home, you can make a fresh and refreshing change by simply repainting the walls. Even though it can be time-consuming and a little bit messy, it’s something that most people can do if they are willing to put in the effort. Just invest in a nice shade of paint, a few paint rollers and a few other painting supplies. Then, you can get to work at repainting your bathroom and making it look great. Even if you don’t make any other changes to your bathroom, you are sure to notice a huge difference in how it looks if you repaint it in a nice, fresh color.

2. Changing Out Cabinet Hardware

If you don’t want to change out the cabinets that are currently in your bathroom but if you would like to make them look fresh and new again, you might find that simply replacing the hardware will do the trick. This isn’t an expensive project, and for a small vanity, it can be done in less than an hour. You’ll just need to make sure that you purchase hardware that will fit the existing holes on your cabinetry and drawers, since there are a few different styles. There are some higher-end options if you are looking to give your bathroom cabinets a more luxurious look, but even some of the more affordable hardware that is available can look quite nice and help you make a major change.

3. Installing a New Sink Faucet

As the faucets on bathroom sinks get older, they can often begin to show their age quite badly. This means that putting in a new faucet can be a good way to make an impressive and very noticeable change. As an added bonus, this can be a good way for you to cut down on the amount of water that gets used in your bathroom, so if you are looking to cut down on your family’s water conservation, this can help you do so.

4. Replacing Your Toilet

One of the most unpleasant things that you can find in an outdated bathroom is an outdated toilet. Even if you try really hard to keep your toilet nice and clean, it might have stains and rings that you cannot get rid of, which might make it look dirty all the time. Luckily, changing out a toilet doesn’t have to be a really expensive project, and it can actually be something that you can do on your own.

You can find a toilet for an affordable price that is designed to conserve water. Then, you can watch an online video or read an online tutorial to find out how to install it yourself. If you are willing to get your hands dirty, this should be something that you will be able to do on your own.

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