4 Must-Have Gadgets for an Emergency Situation

Imagine what would happen if there is a zombie invasion, world war or you just went camping in a thick forest with your friends and you all get lost in the middle of nowhere. All these are situations where the longer you stay alive, the luckier you consider yourself. And that luck is highly influenced by what you have at hand and your ability to use it to survive.
Emergency situations are sometimes unavoidable since no one anticipates them to happen. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that not only the strongest survive, but also the prepared. Since we don’t anticipate for emergency situations, it means we could only be physically prepared. Lets have a look on some gadgets you should have in cases of emergencies.

Tactical military emergency flashlight

It is said that evil thrives in darkness and this is not true until you find yourself stuck in darkness and there is nothing you can do to help yourself. The fact that our vision is very weak in darkness makes us even more vulnerable to dangers since we can’t defend ourselves from something we cannot see. Having a source of light is helpful in many unimaginable ways. Sometimes, “just a source of light,” is not good enough to sustain us through the darkness especially when it is not the only threat to survival. This tactical military emergence flashlight could be a savior in times of need. A typical emergency flashlight has several modes, each one made for a different purpose. The spotlight mode can be used to signal someone up 600ft. away while the floodlight mode can be used to illuminate your surroundings. Besides all this, it can be used for self-defense since the Led light temporarily makes someone blind.

Emergency backpack

This is a typical survival backpack that you need to have preferably when going out for camping or other adventurous activities. It has should at least have a first-aid kit, a blanket, a whistle in case it is needed, light sticks. The America emergency backpack even has two ponchos for two people, enough packed food, and water for two people. The good thing is that you can add some other little things that can fit in the pack.

Paracord bracelet

For those not aware of what a Paracord is, it is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of a parachute. The bright minds have now folded the rope to make a bracelet that when unfolded; it can carry more than 550pounds and can be unraveled into a 12 foot Paracord. This bracelet also comes with a compass, a whistle, and a flint. The beauty of this is that you just have to wear it and forget about. If needed, well and good and if not, it won’t cost anything to wear a bracelet. This is more applicable when going for mountain climbing and other related adventures that would require the services of a rope.

Leatherman signal multi-tool

This is definitely a must-have emergency gadget. It has everything you need in case handy work is needed. Say a knife, a hammer, a saw, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, knife sharpener, everything. It has even been updated to accommodate a fire-starting rod and an emergency whistle. This means you won’t have to worry about jumping fences, or roasting some meat using firewood. It’s just a small tool, convenient to carry and easy to use. With it, you are fully sorted.

These are just a few gadgets for emergency occasions that might serve you in time when you need them most. Having these tools doesn’t mean you are pessimistic or something, it means you’re well prepared for any unplanned occasion. Knowing where you are going and the possible risks that could occur will definitely help you choose what to carry and what to leave out. Take your time to plan and analyze all the risks involved so you can know what to carry. This way, in as much there are no assurances in emergencies, you won’t be caught unprepared.

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