4 Perfect Ideas that Will Make Your Wedding Unique

A wedding is an amazing day filled with many traditional activities. The ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and dancing are all wonderful, but the common pattern of activities at a wedding can be dull. When you want your wedding day to stand out in your guests’ memories, try these four perfect ideas. Each one will bring a sense of your personal style to your wedding day, as well as giving your guests a fun and memorable time to look back on.

1. Advice Cards

One fun idea for your reception guests is to have them write down advice for the bride and groom. There are a number of different ways you can incorporate this idea into your celebration. One fun way is to print drink coasters with a space for writing advice. You can also have your guests write on slips of paper that will be put into a piñata to be broken open on your first anniversary.

For a different twist on the guest book and advice cards, rent a vintage typewriter for your guests to use. The pages that come from the typewriter will have an old-fashioned charm and will be instantly frameable as a keepsake.

Another entertaining idea is to have the kids at your reception write advice. You’ll be amused by their view of marriage and what they think you should know when you are married. Make sure you put nice pens out on the tables so that the guests can write their hopes and wishes for you.

2. Food Trucks

At a wedding, everyone is hungry when the cake and dinner are a distant memory. Have a food truck come to your reception. This is a trendy and tasty alternative to traditional catered meals.

You may want the food truck to come just for a casual cocktail hour before the ceremony, or for when the party continues after the reception. If you do choose to have a food truck dinner at your reception, make sure that your food truck can handle the number of guests you have to feed.

Food trucks can make any kind of cuisine from ethnic food to traditional American staples. Your guests will love the creativity and the delicious food that they can find at a food truck.

3. Get a Tattoo Artist

In place of the traditional wedding favor, hire a tattoo artist to come to your reception. This especially works if your wedding guests already have tattoos or if you have a funky, alternative group of friends. One thing to watch out for is that the guests being tattooed shouldn’t have had too much to drink before sitting down with the tattoo artist, or it might be difficult to cover up the evidence of their fun night out.

4. Hire a Bounce House

Having a bounce house or other inflatables at your wedding is a fresh and fun idea. If you have enough space at the reception site, this can be an amazing way to entertain the kids. As the night goes on, you’ll see more adults joining in the fun. Just be careful of bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses in the jumping fun.

Choosing the Best Wedding Ideas

These four sweet and entertaining ideas can help push your wedding past the standard celebration that everyone expects. When you try our four super wedding ideas, your guests will definitely remember your special day.

When you are choosing an outside-the-box idea for your wedding, think about the balance of adults and kids who will be at the wedding. Is it an older crowd or a younger crowd? Some of these ideas might not appeal to a group of a certain age. For example, having a tattoo artist at a wedding with mostly families probably won’t be a big success. However, a bounce house will be. When you keep your guests’ interests and comfort in mind, you will be able to choose the freshest ideas for your wedding.

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