4 Promotional Products Better Than T-Shirts

T-shirts have prime real estate for promotional messages, and they’re infinitely useful, but most people agree that promotional T-shirts are somewhat played out this year. It’s time for a new group of promotional products to take over and increase visibility for your business. The following products contain a lot of advantages over T-shirts and handily explain why you need a promotional products line now more than ever. The quickly changing business world demands highly visible, cost-effective branded products that keep a company’s name in the public eye. So what’s better than a promotional T-shirt?

1. Koozies

Koozies are those useful wraps that go around your cold beverage and keep it ice cold. They have a handy amount of advertising real estate to put pictures, your company’s name, or maybe a catchy, fun slogan or two. Not only does the person get a product they can use in everyday life, but when they take that koozie to public outings, other people are going to see your company’s brand and logo. They’re also very small and easy to distribute.

2. Tote Bags

College students and professionals alike benefit from the greatness and simplicity of tote bags. They’re even bigger than T-shirts, too, giving you a broader place to get your company’s message out there. You can make them fun and snappy or professional and sleek. Customizing a batch of tote bags might cost a little more than other products on this list, but they’re going to be seen by thousands of people throughout the year, and they hint that your business is a little more upscale and prosperous than another business that can only afford T-shirts.

3. Smartphone Cases

Welcome to the new age of digital dominance. Just about anything you slap on someone’s cellphone is going to be instantly visible to everyone they know and anyone that comes across that handy case. A smartphone case is going to give someone’s cellphone a layer of protection against the elements, all while giving your logo and company philosophy a front and center position in many people’s line of sight. Make sure that the case contains an eye-catching design that will make people want to take a closer look.

4. Promotional Pens

Pens are still very handy in everyday life, and they often are center stage on someone’s desk or coffee table. They’re an old-fashioned promotional item that remains one of the most prominent everyday objects of daily life. You can even take things and make them a little more “new age” by doing a batch of promotional stylus pens. They’re the new viable way to write in a different format, all while retaining that cool, old-fashioned “pen” vibe. When you do promotional pens, you’re getting a small space to communicate your ideas, so it’s usually a good idea to really make that small space count. A logo and address or contact information for your business should take front and center on the pen. Best of all, pens are one of the easiest promotional products to design and distribute. They’re incredibly inexpensive as well, and you can buy in bulk. Before you know it, the community around you will be displaying your stylish batch of promo pens.

Forbes has emphasized just how important promotional products remain in today’s market. Any business would be foolish to overlook them as one of the most affordable ways to advertise a business to thousands of people, all while giving someone something cool that they’re going to really need and use. As Forbes and other prominent publications have explained, it’s important to have a fleet of promotional products ready to roll out every year. Instead of sticking with just T-shirts this year, make sure that you have a hearty collection of other cool promotional products to get the word out about your business. You’ll be thankful you ditched the “just shirts” mentality.

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