4 Reasons to Start Shopping for Formal Dresses Ahead of Time

Prom night, a black-tie event, and even your wedding are all events that require shopping for a formal gown. You already know it’s recommended you wedding gown shop well in advance to be sure you find the gown of your dreams, but did you know you should also shop for your other formal gowns well in advance? It’s not as commonly realized, but anytime you must shop for a formal gown, you should do it well in advance. If you’re thinking you have months to shop before homecoming, prom, or that event you’re attending, think again. The time to shop is now, and there are more than a few compelling reasons to begin your search for the perfect formal gown right now.

1- Avoid the Rush of Shopping with Everyone Else

The problem with shopping for a formal gown is shopping for the same event as everyone else in your community. If it’s a prom dress you need, you can guarantee it’s also a prom dress hundreds of other girls need. This means everyone is shopping for the same thing at the same time, and it can become a bit of a madhouse inside of boutiques and even department stores. When you shop four to six months in advance, you can almost guarantee you avoid the rush and get a better selection of gowns for your formal event.

2- Avoid Picked-Through Selections

When you wait too long to shop, you have fewer options. Not only are many dresses sold out if you’re shopping in mass department stores, many sizes of your favorite gown are sold out. There is no guarantee a store can find that size for you at another location and have it shipped to you if you wait too long. You have more options when you shop in advance. If you find the dress of your dreams at one store and they don’t have your size, you have ample time to ask the sales associate to find it at one of their other locations and have it shipped to you before your event.

3- Allow Plenty of Time for Alterations

The simple truth is most women don’t wear a perfect size all the way through. What fits you around the waist might not fit so well up top and it might not be the correct length. Many women require at least one or two alterations when it comes to formal wear, and you’ll want to shop with enough time to allow for alterations. The worst thing you can do is buy a formal gown off the rack and wear it as is. It might be too long, too short, a bit too big up top, or it might not be entirely fitted throughout. Alterations are your best friend, and you must remember that shopping for formal gowns.

4- Get Your Dream Dress Before Anyone Else

While you might not be able to walk into Macy’s and ask them to avoid selling the same gown you chose to someone else from your school or going to the same event, you can do just that in many boutiques and upscale designer stores. You get to choose your gown and then ask the sales associate to notate which style and color you chose, and they will make you a promise not to sell the same gown to another person attending the same event.

When you shop in advance, you get a much larger selection since most people wait and you won’t worry the gowns you love most are already being worn by someone else. If you wait too long, you might find that the dress you love more than any other is already being worn by someone else to the same event.

Formal gown shopping is important to many young girls and women, and they take it very seriously. If you want to ensure you look the absolute best the night of your event, you’ll shop for your formal attire well in advance. Don’t wait and procrastinate when it comes to something this serious. It’s time for you to find what you want and make sure you lock it down in advance.

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