4 Signs You Have a Pest Problem

None of us like to think we have a pest problem in our home or business but this is the case for millions of people each year. No matter how clean we may think we are we will often see a bug crawl through an open door and make their way through a house or commercial property. Bugs and other pests are not a new problem with bed bugs becoming a major problem alongside the common pest issues of cockroaches, rodents, and termites, the Hotel Business reports. 

1. Spiders are plentiful

You may look at spiders themselves as a pest but arachnoids are often a sign of a much larger pest problem. Spiders feed relentlessly on smaller pests, such as flies, cockroaches, and dust mites. If you begin to notice a rising number of spiders in your home or office space you are probably going to find a large number of other unseen pests. For a short period of time, the spiders in your home will control the population of pests within your property but this will be a short-term solution that will not last for the long-term.

2. You hear strange sounds

One of the main issues you may find when you are infested with pests is the problem of strange sounds being heard in the night and at various times in the day. Among the sounds you should listen for are those of scurrying in attic spaces and walls during the nighttime hours caused by nocturnal pests such as mice and rats which can live in your walls. Some of the sounds people least associated with pests moving through their homes are the simple tapping many people hear at night and put down to a house shifting on its foundations. Tapping noises heard on a regular basis are a sign of a termite infestation which you should not ignore.

3. Shredded furniture

One of the simplest ways to know whether you have an infestation of various pests is to look for the signs of animals stealing nesting materials. Termites and ants are more difficult to identify as they tend to nest in natural materials such as sand and soil. However, other pests, such as rodents will often shred furniture to gain access to the materials within which can be used to create nests for pests as they look to make a home for themselves. The destruction of your furniture is one of the signs of a pest infestation but is not the only problem to be looking for. Missing materials and objects within your home are a sure sign of larger pests which also produce droppings and foul smells within the property.

4. Look outside

There are many different forms of predators in the insect world, including the ladybug which most of us believe to be beautiful to look at. The ladybug is a major predator within the world of pests and is a sign that your home or yard is infested with a large number of other insects. For example, a ladybug is well known to feed on the aphid which has long been known as one of the most impressive pests capable of destroying flowers, vegetables, and fruits within your yard. 

A pest infestation can have a number of other consequences for the home or business owner including the development of asthma and allergy symptoms, according to the AP News. A pest-free home is vital to the development of a healthy home free from the issues of allergy symptoms causing breathing problems for your family members. The problem of pests within U.S. homes is not limited to those with allergies but is also responsible for the destruction of enough food each year to feed more than 200 million people. With over half of all American homeowners reporting ant infestations each year, the issue of pests invading our homes is not one to be sniffed at.

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