4 Signs You have a Tumor in Your Retina

A tumor on almost any part of the body is something that’s very alarming already. Take note that tumors could even worsen over time and can cause a fatal disease that can be life-threatening. What’s worse is that once you have a tumor on your retina, expect that you have a very high risk of not seeing anymore. But gladly, a tumor can be detected if you’re fully health conscious and aware about certain symptoms that can help you identify if your retina is already suffering from a tumor that might grow bigger in the future.

You might be feeling something on your eye right now, which is exactly why you’re reading this right now. It’s actually a good thing to do that because it helps you become more aware of your current condition. Gladly, you can go ahead and learn like a doctor simply by identifying the 4 most common signs of a tumor that’s starting to exist and grow on your eyes. You can actually notice them based on what you see, feel and notice upon your everyday life.

To get started, here are the 4 known signs of retina tumor:

The “Lazy Eye”

This is called lazy eye because it gives you an impression that your eyes are so rested to the point where they don’t appear to look at the same direction. If you or your child happen to be experiencing this too often, even when you look in the mirror, then you might have the lazy eye already. The lazy eye often makes you look like the eyes are looking in opposite directions because of muscle weakness on the areas that control the eyes. This can also be caused by a tumor if it’s not a muscle problem.

A White-Colored Pupillary Reflex

One of the most common means to detect a tumor on the retina is when the patient suffers from a white pupillary reflex. The pupil may appear white or pink rather than red if the doctor shines a light on the eyes. Even a flash of the camera can actually cause the pupils to look read once the picture develops. A tumor on the retina is usually present if the color of the pupil is white at most times.

Redness and Bleeding

What’s worse is when the eyes are starting to go red too often, even if you don’t have the sore eyes. It could even bleed at certain times even if you didn’t injure your eye. When this occurs, there is a possibility where a tumor is already affecting your retina or other parts of the eye. You can try some eye drops to combat red eyes. But if it doesn’t disappear or if it keeps on coming back, then consult an eye doctor immediately.

Common Eye Worries

There are instances where common worries that you experience about your eye may be an impending doom of having a tumor on it. This involves pain on the eyes even if you’re not staring too much at the TV or computer for several hours. The pain may last for minutes or hours depending on the severity of the tumor. But one thing’s for sure: a pain on the eye that’s too constant can be a sign of a tumor on the retina. Vision problems may be another sign of a tumor, but this may involve other types of eye problems as well. So be sure to check with your ophthalmologist if you suddenly feel a constant eye pain or loss of vision to clearly understand the issue, because it may be an age-related problem instead of a tumor.

These are the most known signs when you may be suffering from a tumor on your retina. If your child experiences the following symptoms, start consulting doctor right away in order to find the best means to resolve the health problem. One’s eyes are a must to take care because these are responsible for our valuable sense if sight. That’s why any problem on it should never be ignored.

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