4 Things to Check Before Renting a Party Tent

Whether your dream venue for a party is a beach or backyard, the best way to shelter guests at an outdoor party is to pitch a tent. A wedding tent can not only be romantic and ultra-elegant but will also provide you with peace of mind because you will not have to worry about any weather change. However, if a party tent with garlands sounds and twinkling lights is a right fit for you, consider the following factors before renting one.


Of course, everyone would go for a tent that is easy, safe, and quick to install to reduce the cost of labor and make their parting day less stressful and tiresome. Part tents are available in an array of styles and size to suit all your needs. You can go for shelters that don’t have interior poles if you are interested in flexibility and maximum space for a large wedding party. However, an upscale party tent is a perfect choice for a small, intimate reception. Party tents are also available in a variety of vinyl fabric ranging from total opacity to peek-a-boo translucent. For an event held on balconies, wooden decks concrete, or asphalt, go for a frame or freestanding tent. The cost of installing a party tent depends on the level ground or grass. The fee will likely be high if you want the shelter installed on a sloppy field. Leave at least 10 feet to both the foundation’s width and height when measuring the location to allow room for staking. 

Visit the Site

Schedule an appointment to visit the venue with the tent supplier before the wedding day. Inspect the proposed location along with the venue’s management and inquire about the stability of the ground, underground hazards such as wells, septic tanks, and sprinkler systems, especially if you want to set up a tent near or on the beach. Of course, no one would want their big day to turn chaotic; therefore, prioritize the safety of the venue as well as that of your guests. When installing the tent on a large grassy surface, ask the venue management to turn off all the sprinkler system timers so that they don’t turn on the waterworks while celebrations are in progress. 


It will be necessary to turn to the list of your guests to determine the area needed for your tent. Just multiply the number of expected guests with any other setup that will be inside the tent. For example, for a ceremony with cathedral seating or rows, multiply the number of guests by eight. You don’t have to brainstorm to decide on the specifications of the dance floor as there is a formula for that. Just divide the number of expected guests by four to estimate the number of couples you expect to be on the dance floor at any given time. After that, multiply the figure by 10 to determine the total number of square feet needed for the dance floor.

Decide on Air-Conditioning and Heating 

Heating and air-conditioning in a party depend on the season and location of the party. You will probably need to hire some air and heating conditioning equipment if you think that weather changes might cause discomfort at the reception or outdoor wedding venue. You can ask the tent supplier to provide you with all the necessary equipment such as misting fans, outdoor heaters, floor heaters, portable air-conditioning units, and tall patio heaters. Take time to research and ask a potential tent supplier the right questions so that you find what is best for your needs. Wedding tents aren’t like the colorful structured that people would use for childhood camping trips. Instead, these are chic, elegant, and necessary tool for any outdoor ceremony. The right tent not only provides a stylish backdrop for the venue of reception or outdoor event but also protect guests from any harsh weather condition. However, there are a few factors to consider to find the right tent that matches the theme of your celebration day. Prepare for the installation of the canopy in advance for you to have fun and enjoy your special day with friends and family without worry.

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