4 Things to Never Say to Someone in the Recovery Process

When someone you care about is fighting an addiction, you can play an important role in helping them get better. The road to recovery is going to be a long and difficult one. During this process, there are many things you should and shouldn’t do to help them along the way. Communication and encouragement from family and close friends can go a long way to helping someone successfully get clean. What we don’t realize, however, is that some of the things we say and do have a negative impact on a loved one’s road to recovery. Below are some things you should never say to someone you are helping while they are trying to overcome their addiction.

“I Know How You Feel”

Most people are guilty of making this mistake. When you say something like this, your intentions are to help your loved one feel like they are not the only people going through this type of situation. However, saying this can have the opposite effect and can diminish their feelings and what they have experienced. Unless you have gone through addiction recovery yourself, you will never be able to fully relate to their feelings.

“I’m Sorry”

This one can be very tricky because it mainly depends on how you say it. If your friend or loved one tells you they have an addiction, it does not make sense to offer them sympathy or an apology for not being able to drink or do drugs anymore. All it will convey is that you are telling that person they’re missing out on something great. In reality, however, their life is much better without their addiction. Try to focus on the new possibilities they have waiting for them in life instead of what they can no longer do. Ideally, finding out your loved one or friend is free from their addiction deems a celebration. It takes dedication and a lot of hard work to beat an addiction. Staying sober requires non-stop effort. If someone tells you they are in recovery from addiction, tell them you think that is incredible.

“When Will You Be Cured?”

When someone you know faces an addiction, there is no cure for overcoming that addiction. Even for those who have been sober for years have the possibility of relapsing. Recovery is never-ending. Meetings will help those recovering from addiction stay surrounded by people who have been in similar situations with similar experiences. They will be able to share their experiences and problems with people who fully understand what they are going through. The best benefit of attending meetings is never having to feel isolated and alone. Recovering from addiction does not have to feel like a lifelong punishment and it should never be viewed this way. Try to view the meetings and steps your friend or loved one attends as something very positive. It is important to continue supporting all of their actions to stay clean and sober.

“Can You Try It Once In A While?”

For anyone that has overcome addiction or is in recovery, the idea of ever trying that substance again should stay out of their mind. To stay sober, it is important to always resist temptations as best as possible. If your friend or loved one is trying to convince you to let them try their drug of choice one more time, remind them that the end goal does not include it in their life. There are other ways to have fun without giving in to your addiction. Try to remind them that relationships and their health are the ultimate goals of having a happy life.

As you can see, helping a friend or loved one beat an addiction requires a lot of hard work, dedication and support. Let them know you will always be by their side no matter what happens. Most addicts will relapse multiple times throughout their lives. It is part of the ongoing process of getting clean and staying sober. Anyone suffering from addiction has a better chance of rehabilitation when they have a good support system at home. If you are able to, get your loved one or friend professional help from a drug addiction treatment facility. They offer the best programs for successful treatment.

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