4 Tips for Buying a Vehicle Online

Buying a car online is not something many people do, but it’s a growing trend. No one wants to spend hours perusing the lot at a car dealership, and most people aren’t excited about the idea of spending hours with a car salesman. You buy your groceries online, anything you need is available for two-day shipping, and life is made easier by the internet. So why not buy your next car online? If you’re buying brand-new, you’re probably going to find this is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do. Find the car, order it, and pick it up with financing in hand. Easy and simple, but there are a few additional tips you should take into consideration if you’re buying a car online.

Find Your Financing First

Dealer financing is rarely the most affordable, so it makes sense for you to find your own financing prior to walking into a dealership or ordering a car online. You should check with your credit union, your bank, and other lenders offering lower rates. It’s much easier and efficient this way. You apply for a loan, you’re approved for a certain amount, you know your rate, and you know precisely what your monthly payment is before you ever find a car. You take a purchase order to the dealer, they get their check from the lender, and you walk out with a new car in a quarter of the time.

Find A Car

Whether you’re buying new or used, you must find the car you want. You should narrow this down by figuring out what you need versus what you want, and then pick a car that fits into the budget you have in place. You’ll also want to check with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to find the safety ratings and crash test ratings associated with this vehicle. The last thing you want to do is buy a new car that has a sad safety rating for your family. Once you know this, look up the suggested retail price. You should know what you’re paying for this car is the correct amount.

Contact Dealerships

You can email or call. Let them know you want to buy this car or that car, get a price quote for an out-the-door price, and then contact another dealer that has the same or similar car on their own lot. You can find out which dealer is ready to offer you the best deal by mentioning you’re shopping around once they contact you. A salesman who knows you’re looking to buy online, pick up, walk out and waste no time is going to try and get your business. If you’re shopping around, they are going to keep looking to see if they can get you a better deal at their location. They’re the ones who get the commission from your sale, after all.

Never Discuss Your Monthly Payment Budget

When a salesperson contacts you and discusses price with you, never allow them to know what you’re working with. Simply tell them you have the financing in line, you want a car that’s this price. Don’t tell them what you want to pay monthly, what you can afford overall, or anything else personal. You tell them this and they use that to add extras to the price of any car they sell you. Just tell them what you’re paying for the car and if they can’t work with that number, then you’re not buying a new car from them. It’s very simple, and it’s very effective.

When shopping for a car online, buying a new car is the best idea. You can order it from a dealer’s website if they don’t have what you want on the lot, or you can order it directly from the manufacturer. Delivery might take a few weeks while you wait for that car to become available or be built, but you get precisely what you want in the budget you can afford. You are always free to negotiate the price of a new car, and you shouldn’t fall short of doing so. You’re not doing yourself any favors when you don’t negotiate the price.

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