4 Tips for Maximizing Your Chances of Winning at a Casino

It doesn’t matter if you are taking a ride with friends to gamble at the local land-based casino or you are going to access one of thousands of online casinos, there are things you can do to maximize your chances of winning more money. Too many people simply consider this a recreational event, and once those real dollars are converted to coins, it feels like play money. Once you are left broke and wonder where it all went wrong, then you will wish you took the time to have a plan before gambling your money away.

These four tips for maximizing your chances of winning at the casino require some practice and persistence, but in the end, you’ll come out better than had you simply went in without any planning.

1. Taking Advantage of VIP Treatment

One way you can speed up the winnings and grow your casino bankroll is to start taking advantage of VIP treatment. The casino needs to hang on to their customer base because of all the competition out there. To that point, the casino wants to take care of their clients, so they offer VIP status to those who play regularly.

The perks of being a VIP at the online or land-based casino can range from free bonus money, converting points for cash, and higher deposit bonuses.

2. Learning All About Those Table Games

Want to win more money playing at the casinos? Take some time and study table games before you play again. Unlike the slots where it is all about luck, the table games do give you the chance to swing some of the odds from the house to your side. The more you study, the better you play, and the more you can win. By spotting opportunities to raise your bets, you score big when the odds are in your favor and you will be able to limit your losses when the house has the bigger edge.

Choose a table with fewer players so you are not intimidated, and play to your strengths and get up at any time you feel uncomfortable.

3. Reading the Details of Each Slot Machine

The new video slot games are miles away from the games that had a single pay line. These video slots have hundreds of pay lines, and if you are not careful, could wipe out your bankroll in a single spin. Get into the habit from here out of reading slot game details to see how many pay lines are on the game you intend to play and what denominations are available.

The game may start at one dollar a line, needing you to manually drop it to a penny to avoid risking hundreds of dollars per spin.

4. Stop Chasing Small Losses

Although things seem like all fun and games at the casino, the house has one thing that you as a player does not. The house has zero emotional attachment to the games at the casino. When you are playing the games and all of a sudden after a huge win you hit a wall and go on a huge losing streak. In an effort to get back all those winnings you had moments ago, you push on and get angry to the point you are not going to stop betting until you win it back. When you bust out, you leave angry about your mistake.

Set a goal before playing each machine, and if you hit that goal, get into the habit of cashing out and walking away. Little victories can stack up quickly, but you have to first be willing to get up when the machine isn’t paying out early.

The one thing to remember at the start is that the casino, whether land-based or online, already have a huge odds advantage over the player. In order to chip away at that advantage, you need a plan and you have to be committed enough to work the plan. If you can stay the course, you’ll still have plenty of fun and possibly walk away on the plus side with more money than you had before you began playing.

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