4 Tips For Post Facial Lift Surgery

When you go in for a facelift, you are probably looking ahead to the future with excitement. The changes you are making to your face give you a lot to look forward to, but before your facelift heals, you must endure a few weeks of post surgery. These tips will help prepare you for the aftermath of facelift surgery.

Ask a Friend For Help

As your doctor has likely mentioned, you will not be able to take care of yourself immediately following your surgery. Your surgeon will require you to have an adult present to take you home. You definitely want your partner or a close friend to help you out in the first 24 hours after the operation. This is when the pain reaches its peak. Even after this 24 hour period is over, a friend or relative who can stay with you for a few days will make a world of difference.

Tasks that you usually consider effortless become monumental feats in the wake of your procedure. Having a friend there to help you with meals, chores and getting around the first few days will make a huge difference in how quickly you can get back to normal.

Eat Less, Drink More

After your surgery, your digestive system will not be working the way it normally does. For this reason, it is recommended that you keep your meals light and easy to digest. Foods that don’t require a lot of effort to swallow are the best to have for meals. You also want to be sure that each of your meals is packed with nutrients and at least some protein. This will help your body heal faster. Guacamole, soft boiled eggs, a green smoothie and low sodium hummus are all great options for a post surgery diet.

You also need to up your fluid intake. Surgery can quickly dehydrate your body as more fluids are lost post operation. Keep a water bottle by your bed and have your friend refill it as often as necessary. Try not to replace your fluids with beverages that contain vitamin supplements as this can increase your bleeding and slow your recovery time. Replace lost electrolytes with a glass of milk or fruit juice.

Be Prepared For Boredom

When you are preparing for your surgery, you are often not thinking about the realities of the aftermath. You are probably prepared for the pain, the bandage changes and the constant icing of your incision area. The reality of surgery of this kind is that you go from a normal level of activity to sitting on the couch for at least ten days. The severe pain recedes only hours after your surgery, but the boredom lasts as long as you are confined to minimal activity.

Preparing for the lack of activity beforehand can help alleviate the boredom for the time you are on bed rest. Purchase TV shows or movies you have always wanted to watch, buy a stack of good books, buy adult coloring books and a box of markers or learn to knit. Any activity that doesn’t require too much effort will stave off the boredom and keep you from going crazy with inactivity. Take this as an opportunity to try new things that you have never before had the time to do.

Don’t Make Assumptions About Your Recovery

A facelift procedure does not effect everyone the same way. Some people heal more quickly, while others require more time than average for recovery. With any surgery, the advice of your doctor trumps any advice you may get from a friend or online. Follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter even if you are starting to feel better. If your doctor advises you to leave your bandages on for a specified amount of time, don’t remove them simply because you feel you are healing quickly. Making assumptions about your recovery and acting on those can cause serious complications.

Following these tips will help you navigate your recovery more effectively. In no time you will be back to normal enjoying your improved appearance.

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