4 Tips for Updating Your Front Door

It’s a common problem: You don’t have enough money to get the house you really want, so why not make the house you have something you actually can love? An easy fix? Updating your front door. You don’t have time for that, you say? We beg to differ! Because updating your front door is a lot easier than you think. Read on to get four quick tips for sprucing up your front door this weekend:

Tip #1: Add a Wreath

Adding a wreath to your front door is an instant fix for even the ugliest of doors. All you need is a wreath hanger and a few hours to get creative putting together your wreath with faux flowers and greenery. Not crafty? No problem! Just buy a wreath from your local home accessory store. This is an easy way to get an economical door accessory that is well-made and beautiful. The best part of adding a wreath to your front door is that you don’t have to commit to it forever. It’s meant to be a seasonal touch to your home, so you can easily change out your wreaths to reflect the different seasons. You’ll be giving you new door art every few months!

Tip #2: Throw Down a Custom Doormat

Why stay with the typical “Welcome” mat when you can order a custom mat with fun phrases on it like “Welcome to the Fun House!” or a quote from a favorite movie (“I’m gonna give you to the count of 10, to get your ugly, yella, no-good keister off my property…” from Home Alone). Or, you can go the more classic route with “The Smiths, Established 2018.” You can customize any phrase to make it jive with your house style, and you’ll put a smile on the face of every visitor who comes knocking.

Tip #3: Paint It

If you have a little more time, consider painting your door an entirely new color. This can be done in a day and without taking the door off its hinges–as long as your door is in good shape. Otherwise, you’ll need to take it down, sand it, prime it and apply the new color. If your door has window panes, remember to tape them off with painter’s tape so that you don’t get paint on the glass. Pick a fun, bold color that complements the main color palette of your home. Think a bright pink or red for a green house or a yellow door for a white or grey one. This is your chance to add some curb appeal with a little color.

Tip #4: Add New Hardware

If you’re looking for an economical way to update your door, then just change out the hardware. Over time, hardware can get dingy and dated. So give your door a new look by adding a door knocker in the shape of a lion or changing out the bronze door locks and front door knob with gold ones. There are so many different ways you can go — from funky to classic — and it’s really all about your personal style for your home. What kind of statement are you trying to make when visitors step onto your front porch? Go with that vibe!

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to see instant transformation for your home, then look no further than your front door. Whether you have an hour or a whole day, you can accomplish one of these tips and give your front door the makeover that can really set it apart from other homes in your neighborhood. The best part? It’s that all four of these tips work together so you could accomplish all of them in a weekend and give your home an update that will make you love all over again.

Remember to take things one step at a time. Commit to one tip so that you don’t get overwhelmed and move onto the next, more time-intensive project when you actually have more time. Finally, have fun!

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