4 Unique Bathroom Renovations to Consider in 2018

If you have decided to renovate one or more of your bathrooms this year, you may be looking for wonderful ideas that can inspire you to take your own bathrooms to the next level. Regardless of whether you intend to remodel your master bathroom, your powder bathroom or one of your secondary bathrooms, you understandably need to make the space as functional as possible. After all, bathrooms must be functional by necessity, and this includes having ample storage space, suitable personal hygiene and grooming features, substantial lighting and more. You can achieve all of these goals while also creating a space that is stylish and aesthetically pleasing. When you are looking for some of the more popular bathroom trends this year, consider these ideas.

1- Creative Use of Subway Tile

Subway tile made a comeback several years ago, and it has been used as a kitchen backsplash material as well as a decorative accent in bathrooms. Specifically, it is commonly used as a shower wall material. However, you do not have to feel limited to the use of subway tile by laying the longer side of the tile horizontally in an offset pattern. Increasingly, homeowners are getting creative with the pattern of subway tile. For example, it may be laid in a diagonal pattern or in vertical fashion. You may also play with the use of different colored subway tiles to create an even more dramatic effect in your space. In these ways, subway tile can be a focal feature in the room.

2- Bold Colors and Designs

For the last several years, bathroom trends have leaned toward a spa-like or Zen-inspired feel. The use of lighter colors and natural elements with ample sunlight incorporated into the space was common. Some homeowners are bringing bold colors and stunning designs or patterns back into their spaces in different ways. For example, rather than using small hexagonal tiles to mimic a vintage feel in a bathroom, some homeowners are using bright hues for the tiles, or they may mostly use neutral hues with a bright accent color used sparingly for dramatic effect.

3- Stunning Use of Natural Stone Materials

Bold colors and designs are more prevalent in today’s bathrooms, but some homeowners still prefer a lighter, natural look in their bathroom. Natural stone has been popular in bathroom showers and floors for several years, but stone is now playing a bigger role as a wall covering and for other types of accents. Remember that natural stone can be combined with metallic accent pieces, vegetation accents and other unique features to add flair to your space. Generally, the use of bold colors and patterns versus the use of natural stone is dependent on the overall style of the home and the personality of the homeowner.

4- Elegant Tubs

Bathtubs are a focal point in larger bathrooms, and this is most prevalent in master bathrooms. Many homeowners continue to be drawn to the classic claw foot bathtub design. However, there are now modern twists on the stand-alone tub as opposed to the garden-style tub. In fact, placing a standalone bathtub in a prominent location in a master bathroom rather than off in the corner as has been customary is more common now. In addition, white remains a popular color for bathtubs, but some people are introducing more color into their tubs. Beige and other pale hues are one option for a classic look, or you can choose black or gray for a truly stunning look that may look amazing in a modern bathtub.

Regardless of whether you are updating a master bathroom for your own personal enjoyment and use or you need to update a guest or powder bathroom that will be commonly used by your visitors, you understandably want the space to be undeniably stunning yet functional. Your initial design efforts should focus on creating a space that works well for your needs and that has ample storage as desired. However, you can then focus on finding the right color scheme and materials to create a bathroom that will be a treasured addition to your home. Consider how each of these trends can be incorporated into your space, and research other ideas that may also work well.

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