4 Ways a Tattoo Parlor Uses Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles, especially PET bottles used by most soft drink companies to package their product, can be hazardous to the environment when disposed of incorrectly. They cause pollution which in turn destroys the environment. DIY tactics are very common these days. It’s fun to find that you can turn trash into useful items.

The thing that makes plastic bottles easy to work with is the fact that they are flexible and easily accessible. You can come up with so many cool things when you put your mind to it. In a tattoo parlor setting, one can recycle bottles in a couple of ways.

1- Shading Ink Bottle Holder

You may find that you have ink bottles lying around, which makes the parlor untidy and finding what you need may become tedious and time-consuming. An ink bottle holder is one of the items you can create. The items you will need are four plastic bottles, a drill, a tiny metal rod, bolts and washers that fit the rod.

Cut the base of the bottles so you have four stars shaped pieces, one from each bottle. Drill a hole at the center and insert the metal rod so you have the four bottles bases one on top of the other, leaving ample space between them. To hold the bases, use the bolts and washers. You can now have your ink bottles well set up on this holder.

2- Lighting Fixtures

To decorate your business premises, you may want to have beautiful lighting fixtures, but glass chandeliers are expensive. You can opt for a DIY chandelier or lighting bouquet using plastic bottles.

Cut across the base of the bottle so you have a star shaped piece of plastic. You may decide to use a uniform color of bottles or mix it up. For the bouquet, you will need a stand that is connected to a power source. Use glue and string to join them together in a flower-like form and you can place it on a table beautifully.

For the chandelier, you can join the pieces together in a dripping manner. You can have as many bottle pieces as you want, depending on the desired chandelier length.

3- Needle Holder

The tattoo machine uses a needle, and each client gets his/her own needle. That would mean you need a lot of needles at the parlor to service as many clients as possible. You cannot have all these needles lying around. A needle holder would be helpful in this case.

All you need is a bottle, maybe a milk bottle. Cut out an opening big enough to fit a human hand slightly below the mouth of the bottle. Ensure that the cut edges are smooth to avoid injuries when reaching for needles. You could use spray paint to decorate your holder and voila! Your needles have a safe home.

4- Furniture

Plastics bottles can also be used to make simple furniture. One can make a simple ottoman and place it in the parlor. This can be used by the artist as he attends to a client as it is portable and it can also be used as a seat by clients as they await their turn.

To make one of these, you will need plastic bottles, foam, fabric, knitting needles, tape, scissors, cardboard and a ruler. Arrange all the clean bottles, with their caps on, in a circular shape and secure them with tape. With the cardboards, make two circular pieces of the same diameter as the bottle circular shape you have just secured. Tape them at the top and bottom of your bottles. Cover the bottles with foam from all sides and secure with tape as well. Using your fabric, make a covering and ensure all foam is covered by the fabric. You now have a beautiful pouf!

You can come up with many more ideas when it comes to recycling plastic bottles. It’s fun, right?

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