4 Ways to Relieve Braces Pain Fast

If you just got new braces, or recently had your braces tightened, you may be feeling a fair amount of pain in your gums and mouth. Don’t worry though, the pain is only temporary. Regular adjustments to the tightness of your braces are necessary, but it can become uncomfortable. Here are 4 ways to remove pain caused by braces fast.

Take Pain Relief Medicine

If your pain is not great enough to warrant a prescription for pain medicine, you should look to over-the-counter medicine for pain relief. Ibuprofen and aspirin can reduce pain and swelling at the same time. If your pain is severe or intolerable, inform your orthodontist or doctor. They may deem it necessary to write you a prescription for stronger pain medication.

It is important to take any medicine as directed. For over-the-counter medication, read the instructions and warning labels, or ask your pharmacist for advice. For prescription medicine, follow the orders of your doctor.

Use an Ice Pack

An ice pack may or may not immediately relieve pain but it will definitely help in the long run, especially if you are experiencing swelling. Hold the ice pack to the sore areas and apply a medium amount of pressure.
You can also drink ice water to attack the pain from inside your mouth. The coldness will ease swelling and dull the sensation of pain.

Heat can also be used to treat pain. A hot towel or heating pad can be applied to the sore area. It won’t relieve swelling, but it will feel good and may reduce the amount of pain you feel.

Choose Your Food Carefully

Some people find that avoiding hard and crunchy food helps to ease their mouth pain. Foods like smoothies and apple sauce will be easy to eat without chewing. If you find that you need more food, try mashed potatoes or soup.

Like ice water, cold foods can also help with your pain. Having an ice-cream or a shake can bring immediate relief. However, although they may work to ease your mouth pain, these sugary foods should still be eaten in moderation.

Some people find that their pain is actually relieved by snacking on tough and chewy food. Like stretching out a sore muscle, making you jaw and teeth work can get them use to their new positioning and relieve pain faster.

It is important to remember that there are several types of food that you should not eat while in braces. These include extremely hard or sticky food or anything that requires excessive chewing. Eating these foods can damage your braces, and increase the amount of time your mouth is in pain.

Use an Oral Anesthetic

Oral anesthetic comes in the form of a liquid gel. The stuff may not taste good, but it does wonders for pain relief. You can use a cotton swab or your finger to apply the gel to your gums. It works almost instantly by numbing the area upon which it was applied.

Oral anesthetic works really well but does not last long. For constant pain relief, you will need to reapply it frequently, which can become burdensome. As with any medication, only use oral anesthetic as directed.

Because it works so quickly and so well running out of anesthetic gel can come as a bit of a shock. Be sure to bring some backup gel with you if you’re going to be away from home for a while. Also be aware that your gums can build up a tolerance to the numbing powers of oral anesthetic, so only use it when you really need to.

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