5 Best Fragrances for Spring

In the winter, we tend to gravitate toward scents that are deep and musky or spicy. In the spring, though, it’s time to lighten things up a bit. Your wardrobe is brighter and fresher, so why wouldn’t your fragrance be, as well? The changing of the seasons brings new scents in nature, the kitchen, and the home, so it only makes sense that it should also bring new scents to your body.

In fact, the scents of spring can even bring relaxation, and many of the fragrances of spring perfumes and colognes are inspired by the scents of spring all around. Scents like lavender, grass, and citrus are all popular as high and middle notes. Earthy notes reminiscent of woods, such as cedar, jasmine, and amber, carry through in the bottom notes, giving fragrances lasting power. To help you find that perfect fragrance, here are five of the best perfumes and colognes that will make you smell like you’re ready for spring.

Issey Miyake Fleur de Bois

With both floral and fruity scents, Fleur de Bois is a model of what we generally imagine when we think of spring fragrances. In this concoction, the top notes, the scent that you will notice first, is a citrus and berry fragrance. The middle notes are comprised of classic floral spring scents like rose, freesia and mimosa. The base gives the fragrance lasting power with the scents of cedar, amber, and white musk.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

With grass and clover part of its blend, this scent stays with the spirit of spring without falling into any clichés about spring fragrances. The sharp, refreshing smell of grapefruit combined with the fruity, floral smell of quince comprise the top notes. The familiar scents of jasmine and white musk carry through the middle and bottom notes.

Balenciaga Paris

It’s sometimes nice to have a fragrance that won’t overwhelm. Originally introduced in 2010, Balenciaga Paris is still a great choice for spring due to its delicate fragrance. The scent is subtle and simple with an earthy appeal. Notes of violet and mossy wood predominate the fragrance, making it both feminine and reminiscent of nature.

Diana Vreeland Vivaciously Bold

Inspired by a comment that the then editor in chief of Vogue, Diana Vreeland, made in 1969, more than 45 years later Vivaciously Bold was created. Vreeland commented that she felt that some traditionally masculine scents were, “wonderful for women . . . they have such character and are so marvelously clean.” In 2016, her grandson created the scent that has notes of bergamot and a slightly masculine scent. Along with the scent of bergamot, other citrus scents such as lime and grapefruit are expressed in the top notes. Earthy scents like vetiver and patchouli comprise the base notes, and jasmine is the middle note.

Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil

This fragrance is comprised of primarily citrus scents, including bergamot as one of the high notes. Jasmine and lavender serve as two of the middle notes, and earthy scents of oak moss and white amber serve as the base notes. This fragrance has a full and woodsy yet fruity scent that is perfect for spring.

Cozy scents that are filled with vanilla and musk are comforting in the winter, but spring brings change. The hallmarks of spring fragrances tend to be fruity and floral, but the base notes often evoke nature through woodsy scents. The early months of spring are the perfect time to freshen your fragrance choices by adding the relaxation of natural spring scents into the perfumes and colognes you wear.

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