5 Car Maintenance Tips that Every Car Owner Should Adopt

A car is a valuable asset that most people take pride in. Many car owners, however, tend to miss even the simplest maintenance and are always quick to visit a mechanic without knowing that some issues can easily be handled in their own backyard without involving a mechanic. The durability and efficiency of your car depends on the maintenance that you are giving it. To ensure that your car will be in good condition and even reach the six digit mileage; you will need to adopt a good maintenance culture.

The top five maintenance tips that car owners could adopt to ensure the durability of their car are:

Ensure that you stick to your car manual

When purchasing a car, you will be provided with a user manual. The user manual outlines the various maintenance tips that users can use to extend the lifespan of the car. Do not dismiss such recommendations because they are from the manufacturers that have a vast knowledge of how their cars function. If you have bought a used car, you should seek recommendations from the seller or previous user on how to maintain your car. This will play a significant role in ensuring that you stick to manufacturer recommended maintenance tips and prolong the car’s lifespan.

Keep it clean

The most basic and important aspect of car maintenance is ensuring that it is always clean. You should always ensure that your car is clean by getting rid of food wrappings, food remains, dust, and any dirt. Keeping your car clean can help you extend its lifespan significantly. If you live near an ocean, you will need to clean and wax your car regularly to protect its parts from rusting. Keeping your car clean comes with the need for a safe and secure parking lot. This will ensure that your car is not exposed to bird droppings, and it is kept safe from harsh weather conditions.

Schedule a professional car maintenance services

Although your car might be functioning well, it will still need a regular professional maintenance servicing. You should visit a professional car servicer either once or twice a month to inspect your car and ensure it is in good shape. This will ensure that pending issues can be addressed at the initial stage before they stall your car. Regular car inspection will also ensure that maintenance costs do not escalate as it minimizes incidences of breakdown.

Monitor the car fluids regularly

A car has different kinds of fluids that you will need to monitor regularly. The fluids include oil, car battery liquid, brake fluids, and water. Your car engine oil is important because it is responsible for cooling the engine, lubricating its moving parts, and preventing its corrosion. This makes it important for you to check the oil levels regularly. Checking the levels of the car oil regularly also protects and extends the engine lifespan. A car engine oil will also need to be replaced after covering a mileage of between 3000 miles and 5000 miles. You will also need to watch out for quality car fluids when replacing the fluids.

Check the tire pressure levels

Depending on the type of car you have and its tire size, there are always the recommended tire pressure levels. You should ensure that you maintain the right tire pressure and check on it at least twice a month. Checking tire pressure can be easy with the help of a tire pressure gauge available in most gas fueling stations. This will ensure that your tires will last for a long time without the need to replace them. Always remember that during cold weather, you might need to increase your tire pressure as air contracts. During the hot weather, however, you might need to deflate your tires to prevent exceeding the recommended pressure as the air expands.

If you own a car and you would like to develop a good maintenance culture, you will need to think of your car as a pet that requires your regular attention. Always watch out for signs of malfunction. This will help you detect issues at the initial stage and repair them. After every inspection, ensure that all the issues found by the mechanic are fixed immediately.

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