5 Catering Tips for Your Party

Throwing a party is a chance to relax, enjoy the company of friends and bring people you like together for a special occasion. Part of making fun times is providing great food. Whether you’re planning an intimate anniversary dinner or a huge summer Fourth of July fireworks celebration, you’ll want to offer food your guests can enjoy. A bit of advanced preparation and thought about what you’re going to serve can help your party flow even more smoothly.

Serve a Wide Variety of Food

Variety is much appreciated by many guests. If you’re serving a formal dinner, consider offering at least two choices for each course. Guests like being able to pick between a soup and salad for the appetizer as well as having more than one main course. When serving a buffet, divide the buffet into types of foods for more variety. One area can offer shellfish while another has meat and poultry. Varied dishes make it easy for everyone at your party to find something that appeals to them personally as the party goes on.

Provide the Right Utensils and Plates

Every party goer needs the right utensils for the job. If you’re giving a cocktail party, you want to make sure you have enough plates for each guest. You should also have the right kind of silverware. If you’re serving soup or other food with a liquid base, spoons are a must. If you’re serving items like steak, you want to make it easy for your guests to cut their meat. Sharp knives are crucial. The kind of party you’re throwing will dictate the kind of silverware that is best to accompany your catering. An informal buffet makes it easy to bring out the plastic forks. For a sit-down dinner, heftier items suggest formality and bring a bit of style to the table as the same time. When giving a buffet, provide an obvious place where guests can place their used silverware. This will make clean up easier.

Cater to Many Types of Diets

Many modern party goers follow a certain diet. Some people prefer to remain vegetarian or vegan. Others keep kosher. Some people may have health concerns such as an intolerance for gluten or a seafood allergy. It’s a good idea to poll your guests if you can first. Find out what food preferences they have. For example, if someone has a life threatening peanut allergy, it’s best to do your best to remove all peanut products from the area. When you listen to the concerns of your guests in advance, you’re demonstrating you care about their needs. People who can find items without gluten or vegetarian dishes are likely to enjoy your party even more.

Choose Drinks Everyone Likes

Drinks are an integral part of any social gathering. Provide all your guests with drinks they’ll enjoy as much as the food you serve. Let your menu serve as your inspiration. For example, if you are serving a menu with a southern theme, sweet tea and mint juleps make the ideal accompaniments. Bring out the Italian wines for that lasagna and pizza dinner. Drinks should offer something for everyone. If lots of kids are going to be there, kid-friendly drinks like lemonade, milk and a selection of organic fruit juices are a good choices. Beer is hugely popular and comes in many types of varieties for adults. Make sure all hot beverages are served hot and all items meant to be cold are kept on ice. Freshly brewed coffee makes the ideal drink to serve at the end of the party when people are heading home.

Offer Enough Seating

No matter how long the party goes on, it’s useful to provide enough seating. All your guests should have a comfortable place to relax as they eat. Many types of items can serve as seating including an ottoman, dining room chairs and bar stools. Dust off your outdoor furniture during the winter and bring it inside if you need additional winter seating. It’s good to get a headcount in advance if you can. This way, you’ll have a rough idea exactly how many people are going to there.

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