5 Common Causes of Automobile Accidents

Car accidents shatter lives, oftentimes leaving those involved to deal with damages and serious injuries that may impact them for the rest of their lives. Car accidents are also complex since you must file an insurance claim, take care of medical bills and damages, and deal with a variety of other complications. More than six million car accidents occur on the U.S. roads every year, resulting in three million injuries, two million permanent injuries, and 90 daily deaths. Any such incident is certainly enough to turn your life upside down. What causes such a massive number of accidents? While there are numerous causes of car accidents, the five below are the biggest causes of accidents on the roadways today.

1. Distracted Driving

For the past three decades, distracted driving has lead the way for auto accidents, causing more accidents than any other act. When you’re driving, focus on the road; driving, the task at hand, is the only important thing right now. Don’t look at your cell phone or read text messages. Don’t get distracted by other drivers on the road or activities happening on the side of it. Do not involve yourself with any activities apart from driving and stay safe. Preferably with both hands on the steering wheel and with your eyes ahead.

2- Drunk Driving

The number of people who die as a result of injuries sustained in a drunk driving accident is staggering. One person dies every 48-minutes because someone chose to drink and drive. It is never okay to drink and drive. Arrange a ride if you plan to have a night out with your friends. Even one drink can impair your driving, putting the lives of others at risk. No one ever intends to wreck, but nothing can change it after the fact. Make sure you help reduce the more than 100,000 drunk-driving related deaths that occur every year and avoid drunk driving, even when you feel fine.

3. Speeding

Speeding is one of the worst choices a person can make when they’re driving an automobile, especially if it is raining, snowing, or other adverse conditions affect driving ability. The faster you drive the automobile, the bigger the risks of enduring a serious accident. Speeding will earn you a speeding ticket that creates points to your driving record if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time when you decide to speed, which in turn may also increase costs of auto insurance. Drive the speed limits, even if it requires you to leave home a few minutes earlier.

4. Reckless Driving

Any activity that goes beyond the normal realms of driving may classify as reckless driving, particular activities that endanger the lives of other people who are on the roadways. As mentioned, pay attention to the road and what you are doing to get from one point to the next; noting else. It is the best way to avoid accidents and other trouble. Reckless driving may include activities such as speeding, improper lane changes, cutting off other drivers, aggressive driving, and other similar actions.

5. Weather

The fifth most common cause of auto accidents is inclement weather. Whether it’s rain, snow, hail or other adverse weather conditions, drivers fail to understand how much it affects road conditions and their vehicle. Often, drivers don’t even slow down when they encounter such dangerous weather conditions, resulting in accidents. Many weather-related accidents involved only one vehicle but that makes them nonetheless dangerous and expensive.


It is important that every driver do their part to reduce the number of auto accidents and catastrophes that take place on U.S. roadways every year. The common causes of accidents listed above are five of the biggest reasons accidents occur. Become a better driver and learn how to avoid these risks and many others when you’re behind the wheel of your car. When you become a better driver, everyone benefits.

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