5 Creative Ways To Get Your Pet to Take Their Medicine

If you have ever tried to give your pet medication, then you know what a challenge this can be. Try hiding the medication for your pet in peanut butter, and you’ll see how easily they can get around the medicine even though it was completely concealed. Don’t fret, today you are going to discover a few tricks to getting your pet to take their medication.

Here are 5 creative ways to get your pet to take their medication;

1. Purchase a Can of Stinky Wet Food

If you have ever inadvertently bought a can of wet food with fish flavor, you know how that smell can travel through the house and linger for days. To use this as a creative way to get your pet to take their medicine, make certain it is a flavor of wet food they have not eaten for a while. If your pet is a dry food eater, the wet food will be a treat unlike any other and will instantly mask the scent of the medicine hiding within. Before they even have a chance to taste the wet food, they will gobble up every drop and the medicine in a second.

If your pet is used to wet food and the fishy ones in particular, try a different brand an a unique fish flavor to catch them off guard so you can slip that medication to them without them any the wiser.

2. Distracting Your Pet with Games

Your pet loves attention, so when you make time to play a tossing game with them, they will jump at the opportunity. The trick here is to hide the medicine in one soft treat, then conceal it in your left hand. Now grab a few treats and place them in your right hand and get your dog excited about playing a game. Toss one of the treats in the air so they jump and gobble it up in anticipation of another. After two tosses, toss the one with medication while they are distracted about the next treat.

If you have several pets in the house, feed the others treats first. When you give your pet the medication treat, they’ll gobble it down fast to avoid the competition.

3. Hiding Every Trace of the Medicine

If you pet is especially good at detecting where the medicine is hiding, time to mix things up. Purchase empty pill capsules, use dry hands, and place the medication inside and seal the capsule. Now hide it in some wet food or a treat and it will be undetectable.

Purchase the empty pills in bulk and you have them for the next time your pet needs to take their medication.

4. The Bait and Switch Move

If you have a very slick pet, they know when you are preparing to hide their medication, so they find it with ease. Prepare the medication in some of your own food, like a meatball or inside some cold cuts, then place back in the refrigerator. Now that they are not focused on what you are hiding, open the refrigerator like you are preparing yourself a meal. As you are making the meal, drop a piece of food, the one with the medication in it, and yell to your dog to not eat it.

Your pet will rush to that spot and eat the human food in the blink of an eye.

5. Catching Your Pet Off Guard

The best time to try and sneak your pet medication is when they are focused on something else. Perhaps you have them in the car on the way to the park, or maybe they are playing in the yard with other pets. While the pet is focused on other things, offer them a treat and they will grab it quick to get back to their business.

The more that your pet is distracted, the less likely they will take the time to check what was hiding inside that treat.

Just remember that your dog can sense when you are up to something, so distractions are the key to getting them off their game and slipping that medication right by them easily.

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