5 Destinations Off the Beaten Path in NYC

New York City is one of the busiest places in the world. As you walk down the busy streets or drive down with a car, you might be both frustrated and fascinated at the density of the population living and touring in this amazing city. Whether you are traveling for a while to the city or live there, you might be longing for a breath of fresh air in a place where most people do not go. There are certainly such rare gems in this city of millions that you can visit.

5 Unusual Destinations in NYC

Elevated Acre Park

The Elevated Acre park is located within the premises of the city. It is situated between two skyscrapers over the Financial District. It is located just above Water Street and has a breathtaking view of the Hudson River and the Brooklyn Bridge. This small garden in the center of New York City is a landscaped oasis of spacious grassy space. The most recent addition to the park is the new Beer Garden that is open to the public. Anyone can come here to taste real craft beer.

Smallpox Hospital

If you love old buildings from the past, you will be delighted to learn that on Roosevelt Island there are the old ruins of a hospital that was forced to close down in the 1950s. The style of the building is Gothic Revival. This ivy-clad architecture used to be a Smallpox Hospital. The building has an aesthetic value and has been preserved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission since 1975. The walls are reinforced to prevent them from crashing down. The building is not restored yet, so it can only be viewed from the outside.

Water Street Rooftop

Close to the Elevated Park and just above Water Street, there is a hidden gem located just away from the eyes of the passerby. The rooftop supports an old World War I war airplane as well as the old runway on which it would take off. The place can be visited in the day and during the night when lights illuminate this piece of history. This plaza on top of a building was created as a concept to make something amazing out of plain office building rooftops.

Pebbles Beach

If you like the beach and you want to get some peace and quiet within the premised of the city, there is a beach made of pebbles in Brooklyn where you can see the Brooklyn Bridge from an entirely new angle. It is located just further along the Empire Fulton Ferry Park. During the morning and late afternoon hours, you will be pleasantly surprised that there are almost no people there. You can relax by the Hudson River and watch as the waves crash into the shore of pebbles.

Whispering Gallery

The Whispering Gallery is located within the Grand Central. The way the walls are attached through a domed ceiling allows people on either end of the walls to hear each other’s whispers. This architectural miracle is located in the dining concourse of the terminal where the Oyster Bar & Restaurant is located. Of course, the beautiful murals of the whole Grand Central are not to be missed while trying out the whisper miracle of the place.

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