5 Fun Accessories for Your Next Big Family Reunion

Family reunions are an incredible opportunity for extended families to bond. As people tend to relocate all throughout the country, family reunions truly matter more than ever. If you are in charge of planning the family reunion these are some great ideas for mementos for your family to take home.

1. Personalized Koozies

This may seem like a no-brainer, but personalized gifts, such as Koozies, are a fun and inexpensive accessory that is not only useful to keep drinks cold, but is a great memento to keep for years after the reunion. These can be purchased on a variety of websites. You will want to make sure they are personalized with the date of the reunion and where the reunion took place. It can be fun to add on a family inside joke or a fun slogan or quote. There are dozens of funny quotes out there such as “Our family: We put the FUN in dys-FUN-ctional.”

2. Sunglasses

Even if your family reunion isn’t outside, fun personalized sunglasses are a great accessory. These are usually inexpensive and most promotional websites offer a Ray Ban-style version that has room to customize on the side. You can add text such as, “Walker Family Reunion,” and add the date. There is minimal room, but most promotional companies will be able to send you a mock up prior to making the final purchase.

3. Embroidered Totes

A personalized tote bag is a great gift that your family members can reuse again and again. There are dozens of different styles available through a variety of online promotional companies. They can be as simple as a one-sleeve mesh tote bag, or you can go all the way up to a canvas tote bag with an enforced bottom. A great tote bag that has become very popular at events is an oversized tote with a fold-out bottom. These are great for trips to the grocery store and are a fun way for people to remember all the memories that were made at the family reunion again and again, each time they need to make a grocery run. Depending on your plans and budget, a tote is also a great idea due to the fact that you can add additional items inside of it. For example, if you have games planned at certain times, they can be listed on an event calendar. You can also list things like what time lunch or dinner will be served. One creative idea that was interesting was stuffing a tote with a list of everyone’s names and cell phone numbers. Today’s extended family tends to spread out throughout the country, making it difficult to keep track of everyone. Also, as the little ones grow up they get their own cell phones and you may not have it. To keep the awkwardness of asking for each other’s contact information, a cell phone list is a great idea.

4. Family Reunion Card Set

This is an incredibly creative idea that everyone will enjoy. The key here is to make sure that everyone is accounted for. Basically, it is a deck of cards that includes every family member’s picture. You simply reach out to everyone in the family and ask them to send in a photo of themselves of them with their immediate family. Another great idea is to ask older members of the family if they have any pictures of themselves from past years. This could be a high school photo, college photo. It is really enjoyable for the younger generations, especially kids, to see these great photos of their Grandparents or Great Aunts when they were younger. Any dated photos make a great addition to the deck. For example, a couple that has been married for 20 years could send in their original wedding photo. These make a very cool keepsake. However, keep in mind that someone must be in charge of corralling all the photos and sending them to the company that will make the deck.

5. Roll-up Picnic Blanket

These are perfect for outdoor occasions. These blankets roll up into a small cylinder with a handle that is easy to carry. These can also be personalized.

We hope these ideas will give your family a memento of a wonderful day!

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