5 Great Alternatives to Alcoholic Beverages

With the Holidays right around the corner, you’re going to want to celebrate with friends and family. The problem is that you’re trying to steer clear of all the “holiday cheer” but still feel apart of the social gatherings. If this sounds like you, then there are options out there for you. There are some great alternatives to alcoholic beverages you can raise a glass with this Holiday season.


Easily the best and most popular drink during the holiday season, some people go out of their way to make this an alcoholic drink but it doesn’t have to be that way. Eggnog can be laced with whiskey or bourbon but you can certainly drink it straight out of the carton or from a nice glass. If you are someone who wants to look like they are fitting in then this is the drink for you, as your friends and family will likely be drinking this as well during many a holiday party.

Rochester Ginger

If you are looking for something a little fancier and that you can drink even when you aren’t at a holiday party, then go with something like Rochester Ginger. The Independent calls this a drink that will give you a little bit of a kick in the middle of winter, without the boozy after effects. There are a couple of different variations of this drink that will look like you are having a glass of whiskey if you want to give the look that you are having a cocktail when you are really having a mocktail.

Sparkling cider

If the ginger beer is something that is a fill in for whiskey, then sparkling cider is the fill in for champagne. This has the same bubbly kick you’re looking for if you are ringing in the new year, but none of the alcohol effects. This isn’t like a non-alcoholic beer that has a bit of a booze in it. This is something that was never made to have any alcohol in it, so you will certainly be safe to drink as much as you want. There are all kinds of different flavors of this beverage.

You can have grape sparkling cider, cherry, or apple among other fruit flavors. Grape is the one that is going to have a very similar kind of taste to hat you would expect from actual wine or champagne. Because there are so many different flavors, this is one that has become a bit of a staple for people who don’t want to have to drink booze. There’s a choice available for almost everyone who might want to have a fancy drink that won’t get them drunk even if they go through a couple of bottles.

Mulled apple juice

Much like sparkling cider, this drink will give the look and feel of booze, without the bite. There is a bit stronger taste than when you are talking about regular old apple juice so you’ll know you have yourself a new taste treat. There are also a number of different fruits that will allow you to mull them into drinks you can have on a special occasion, or just some morning when you want something different.


This drink isn’t really a holiday beverage the way eggnog or sparkling cider is, but it can certainly be treated as one. This is actually an Indian drink that has a yogurt base. The real purpose is to kind of cleanse the pallet after eating something especially spicey. This can be changed with a few different additives that might not be a part of the Lassi originally. You are going to be able to make this more a traditional holiday drink, or even something that will be had with a very special meal. It even looks a bit like eggnog though it doesn’t have anything close to that taste. A salty yogurt is closer to what you can expect when talking about this concoction.

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