5 Health Benefits of Using Cannabis

Cannabis is a naturally occurring plant that has been used for thousands of years for recreational and medicinal purposes. Only in the recent decade has Cannabis become classified as an illegal drug. According to Wikipedia, restrictions on Cannabis products began in America around 1906 and by the early 1920s, states began to prohibit its use. In more recent times, scientists have looked closer at the actual effects portrayed from Cannabis use and have observed that in reality, it isn’t as bad for you as some people once thought. Not only is it much safer for you in the recreational standpoint than many other drugs like alcohol, but it also has quite a few medicinal health benefits to offer as well. In this article, you are going to learn about 5 health benefits of using Cannabis.

1. Pain Relief 

Pain relief is one of the most noteworthy health benefits of using Cannabis. Given the current state that our country is regarding the problematic opioid epidemic, pot has been seen as a great alternative to highly addictive prescription painkillers. Many people who are prescribed painkillers become physically dependent on them. This issue is usually out of their control of very hard to conquer. When their prescription ends, their addiction doesn’t and this may turn them to the black market to find alternatives like Heroin. Granted, not everyone who is prescribed painkillers gets on Heroin or even gets addicted whatsoever. But, the fact that Cannabis can provide similar pain relief without the risk of addiction, overdose, or permeant damage to internal organs, it seems like a great alternative.2. Increased Appetite 

When marijuana first became legalized for medicinal purposes in the U.S., one of the most qualifying conditions for accessing the medicine was cancer. Pot was observed to have quite a few benefits to offer for those suffering from cancer. With pain and nausea relief being a few benefits, an increased appetite was another big one. Those who receive cancer treatment often lose their appetite and struggle to eat ample amounts of food on a daily basis. Not eating can be very unhealthy for your body and can lead to major issues down the road. The THC found in Cannabis has been shown to increase appetite not only cancer patients but also in anyone who consumes it.3. Inflammation Reduction 

THC, the active compound found in Cannabis, has also been shown to fight and reduce inflammation. Inflammation is when a part of your body swells up, often resulting in pain or stiffness. This can occur anywhere from your hands and knees to even your brain. The severe discomfort that people with inflammation have to deal with can be greatly reduced from Cannabis. Consuming this medicine will cause the inflammation to go down and can relieve debilitating diseases that are a result of inflammation such as arthritis.4. Mental Health 

Another benefit of consuming Cannabis is that is can positively impact your mental health. According to psychiatrictimes.com, Cannabis has been shown to have positive results on people suffering from a wide range of mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and more. Consuming the active ingredient THC causes the user to experience an altered state of mind. The psychoactive ingredient often results in pleasant feelings such as happiness and euphoria. Unlike other drugs that mask the pain and dull any thoughts, pot works differently. It allows you to change the way that you see things and alter your perception, rather than just run from the problem and become reliant on a drug.5. Insomnia Relief 

The last benefit that we are going to discuss in regard to consuming Cannabis is insomnia relief. According to healthline.com, some 60 million adults in the U.S. alone suffer from sleep disorders. Sleep is an essential part of being healthy- mentally and physically. Consuming pot induces sleep and allows you to not only fall much sleep much easier but to stay asleep as well. It has even been observed to reduce dreaming which can be useful for those suffering from nightmares that keep them awake at night.Hopefully, reading this article has given you a better idea regarding the benefits that you can receive from consuming Cannabis products. Although scientific data shows that Cannabis is considerably non-toxic to the body and has a low potential for physical addiction, that does not mean that it is completely harmless. While it certainly doesn’t deserve its schedule 1 classification (Other schedules 1 drugs include Heroin and LSD), blowing things out of proportion and using the drug all day every day isn’t going to promote the benefits discussed here as much so as it would if you were to use Cannabis in moderation.

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