5 Healthy Ways for Managing Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a rampant mental illness that more and more are becoming aware of. The heavy pit in your stomach, headaches, fatigue, and self seclusion can cause suffering to many people and their loved ones. While getting a handle on anxiety can be a monumental battle, there are ways to help ease the pains of anxiety and provide fulfillment, freedom, and a breath of fresh air to those struggling with it. 


Exercise is a great way to help battle anxiety and level the hormones. Anxiety often begins and raised cortisol levels (the stress hormone) have taken the brain hostage. By working out, you can give the cortisol a productive outlet while counteracting it with serotonin (the feel good hormone) your brain needs to help find balance. The outlet of exercise can be helpful to anxiety levels at almost any increment or intensity.At any physical level or ability, yoga, light cardio, and even weightlifting can provide the boost to help you overcome anxiety and feel stronger, healthier and more capable everyday. 


While “diets” can be stressful and demonizing, proper nutrition can have a hugely positive affect on anxiety and should be viewed as a tool. While not everyone should necessarily focus on the deficit portion of diet, balanced nutrition from fats, carbohydrates and protein with a good mix of vitamins and nutrients can help settle the mind and endocrine system. Hormones, the leading force behind anxious feelings, are fat dependent chemicals. When they aren’t receiving proper vitamin or fat levels, the brain is the first organ affected as it is the most hormone sensitive part of our bodies. By providing healthy fats and things like B and D vitamins, our hormones have a better chance of self-regulation and calming the crazy. 

Therapy and Counseling

While many associate therapy or counseling with tragedy, it can also be helpful for developing copings skills to anyone dealing with anxiety. We are not born with coping skills, they are developed as we learn and grow. However, many individuals can need help or a catered plan to deal with such imbalances as anxiety to prevent them from getting worse or leading to depression. These coping skills can be found a developed through a trusted relationship with a therapist or counselor. The American Psychology Association has long recognized the healing benefits to anxiety disorders and actively encourages those dealing with anxiety to seek professional help sooner rather than later.

Social Unmedia

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, social media can be a ever-present trigger for anxiety sufferers. The social media and technology craze has posed a widespread threat against our mental health as a whole, and has even been specifically linked to anxiety. Users have noted an inability to go more than three hours without checking social media, interrupting in person conversations and relationship to do so. These disturbances for normal behavior have caused a disruption in the brain’s natural state and formed an addiction to social media that is more important than “real” life. Simple changes to make to combat this struggle is setting screen time alarms, taking social media “breaks”, downsizing the amount of accounts, or deleting social media as a whole to reset the minds function and focus on life without constant notifications. 


Unfortunately, a huge factor accompanying anxiety is the need to seclude, isolate, stay indoors and adventure less. This action is caused by the anxiety and only feeds the anxiety. When sufferers take a few minutes each day to “play” purposefully, their minds are able to release anxieties and find a new homeostasis outside of anxiety. This “play” can be as simple as throwing a frisbee, flying a kite, or playing fetch with your dog. The combination of activity (serotonin release) and simply allowing yourself to find joy in something outside of stressors can break the anxiety habit. While finding the energy to do something of this nature can be tough, it is important to know that it will get easier and the little bits of relief will add up to battle the fight against anxiety. 

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