5 Home Pests You Should Look Out For in the Upcoming Spring

5 Home Pests You Should Look Out For in the Upcoming Spring

Spring is just around the corner and while most of us anticipate the warmer weather, the chirping bird, and the fresh air, pests are a part of the new season that you mustn’t forget. Many pests eagerly make their way out and about after the long winter and your home may very well be their final destination.

Pests choose homes that offer warmth and comfort and, of course, food! Many people unknowingly create a home that’s fairly appealing to pests when crumbs are leftover on the countertop or clutter piles up in the basement. Act now to pest-proof your home so it doesn’t offer the qualities that critters want. A clean, clutter-free home doesn’t appeal to most critters.

Cockroaches and other usual critters still cause trouble when the weather warms, but you’ll also want to pay special attention to a few other pests during the spring months. Exactly what pests should keep an eye out for during the spring? Several such pests thrive in the spring, but we’ll take a look at five common spring critters below. Keep your eyes peeled for these pests and others and maintain a clean, sanitary, comfortable home all year long.

– Carpenter Ants:

Carpenter ants seek shelter once the hot sun comes out. The tiny pest causes huge damage to the structure of the home. The ant also bits and will make itself comfortable just about anywhere in the home. They’re especially bothersome in the kitchen where there is easy access to food. They’ll enter through pipes, the foundation, attic vents, and cracks in the home

– Mosquitos:

Mosquitos are an annoying pest that usually won’t come inside, but will make all of your time outdoors pretty miserable. Many people stay hidden away inside their homes due to mosquitos. Mosquito repellents are sold at home improvement stores, but they’re often hit or miss. Mosquitos bite their victims, leaving an itchy welt behind. Mosquitos may also carry dangerous, even deadly diseases like the West Nile Virus. It is much easier to call a professional to schedule treatment to keep mosquitos away from your home altogether.

– Termites:

Termites are one of the biggest threats to a home. They cost homeowners millions of dollars in repair costs each and every year. Termites infest the outside of the structure where they eat away the word of the home’s structure in search of cellulose. If you notice hollowed-out wood, frass, or notice discarded wings, you likely have a serious problem that needs professional treatment.

– Rats:

Mice are common during winter months when they come inside of homes to get outside of the cold. Rats breed during the spring months, so you’re much more likely to see them both inside and outside of a home or a business. Rats are not only scary to look at, but they also disturb pets and carry disease! No one wants to see a rat in or anywhere near their home, that is for certain.

– Spiders:

Spiders love springtime just as much as everyone else. This means it is important that you pay attention to your home and surroundings to ensure that spiders aren’t around. Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders are two of the most dangerous spiders that come out during the spring. Each spider is poisonous and seeks comfort inside of your home, where it can also access food. Spiders prefer moist, cold, dark areas, so the basement and attic are of special concern.

When spring finally arrives, welcome it in with open arms, but keep the pests out. Many different pests, including the five on the above list, anticipate making your home their very own when spring rolls around. Take preventative measures now to reduce the odds of an infestation in your home. It’s much easier to prevent pests than treat them, however, professionals can always rid your home of pests after an infestation occurs.

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