5 Imperative Trampoline Safety Tips You Should Know

Trampolines are fun for both children and adults. With proper chaperoning kids can get great amounts of exercise on them safely. A trampoline could decrease a child’s screen time. It is also a good way to attract neighborhood friends and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. However, the trampoline can also be dangerous, If not used in a safe manner, it can lead to fractures and even death.

Get the Proper Equipment

If you are going to purchase a trampoline for your home, there are a few things to think about first. Round trampolines are safer because rectangular ones give more bounce causing higher flight. You should put high safety nets around your trampoline so the children don’t accidentally jump off. Use trampoline safety pads to cover hooks springs, and frame. Review the safety materials that come with your trampoline.

Place Trampoline in a Safe Area

When picking a spot to put your trampoline, pick a flat area. It should be placed in an energy-absorbing area like the lawn, sand, or bark wood chip. If it is on a hard surface, the trampoline should have netting, and it should have absorbent safety matting underneath it. There should be a fall zone of eight feet around the trampoline, and it should be kept clear. Your trampoline should be away from any trees, play areas, or buildings.

Supervise the Children

Just like when children go swimming, kids should also always be supervised when on the trampoline. Unable to control their bouncing, children under 6 are advised to not be on the trampoline. To prevent injuries, monitor the amount of children on the trampoline as well as their level of excitement and roughhousing. Do not allow kids to bounce off the trampoline. They should walk to the edge, sit, and climb off. Be cautious allowing kids to do gymnastic stunts like somersaults and flips.

Maintain Equipment

If your trampoline starts to show signs of wear, take care of it. Examine your trampoline equipment often. Your protective padding should be repaired or replaced when it is damaged. The most important part to place is the trampoline jumping mat. You will notice it needs to be replaced because over time there is less bounce. There will also be thin holes in the trampoline. Frame pads which cover springs and the frame should also be replaced when showing wear. When a trampoline is less bouncy, you may have to replace the springs. Using worn-out springs may cause the mat to wear out and destroy it as well. Be sure to replace trampoline netting. Worn out frames should be replaced immediately as they can cause injury. Make sure there isn’t corrosion in the trampoline ring. You can increase a trampoline ladder’s life by storing it indoors when not in use. Foam pole paddings should also be replaced when worn.

Protect Yourself Against Liability

Under the attractive nuisance doctrine, homeowners must practice reasonable care even for children that trespass. This means the trampoline has to be in good condition. If you have a ladder for your trampoline, you should put it away, preferably inside so no wandering neighbors can use it. Even with the necessary precautions. It may be wise to look at your homeowner’s insurance. Liability coverage may cover the medical expenses incurred by a neighbor’s child playing on your trampoline. Talk to your insurance agent about what your options are, as well as your neighbors if you suspect their children have been trespassing.

The Wrap Up

Buying a trampoline is a huge responsibility that has the possibility to be dangerous. However, with the necessary precautions, you can keep everyone safe. Make sure you get the proper equipment. Put the trampoline in a place that is safe. Keep your eyes on the kids when they play on the trampoline. Repair and replace any worn equipment. Know your rights in regards to liabilty. Doing so will help mitigate problems and prepare you for action if trouble should arise.

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