5 Roof Maintenance Tips Every Home Owner Can Implement

Like every other part of the house, the roof is also prone to damage. This means that apart from getting a long-lasting home roofing system, it is also crucial to maintain it to ensure that it serves you for a long time. Roof replacement is among the most dreaded home maintenance projects due to its cost. This is the reason why it is imperative to have a good roof maintenance program to guarantee a longer life for your roof.

This article will give you five pointers that can help you prolong the life of your roofing structure to control damage and prevent its premature replacement.

1. Conduct regular roof inspections.

Inspecting your roof even a few times in a year is crucial because it helps you detect problems early. Most roofing issues are identified in this simple activity. During an inspection, you can also identify the things like trees and branches that put your roof at risk of damage. Branches that lean towards your roof can gouge, puncture, or scratch your roof when blown about by wind. A simple look at your roof can also show you debris on your roof that needs to be cleared. Debris will easily retain moisture after it rains. Such moisture can cause the growth of mold and algae that eat into your roof. Leaves from the trees near your house can also clog your gutters blocking water from flowing off the roof. This retained water will flow into and damage sensitive parts of your roofing system, such as shingles, tiles, and shakes. As a result, gutters and roofs should be checked and cleaned regularly. Trees near your roof should also be trimmed to prevent them from harming your roofing structure.

2. Regularly check your shingles.

Shingles protect your house from the harmful effects of extreme weather conditions. Damaged shingles leave your roof structure exposed and vulnerable to damages that can be costly to repair. Elements can quickly pass through your roof causing damage to your structure. Early repair or replacement of damaged or missing shingles is inexpensive and ensures that your roof lasts longer. Tiles and shakes should also be replaced promptly in case of damage.

3. Repair minor damages and leaks.

It is easy to detect leaks in the roof by examining your interior ceiling for dampness or mold in your attic. Discoloration on your ceiling is caused by moisture, implying that your roof could be leaking if the ceiling is discolored. You can have the roof checked by a professional for early repair. Leaks only get worse and bigger. This means that you would be better off fixing the damaged part of your roof and the small discolored ceiling as early as possible.

4. Watch out for rust.

It is normal for your roofing structure to start developing rust. This is because it is always exposed to the elements that make it susceptible to rust, which are moisture and air. When your roof starts to rust, you need to control it as early as you can. To control rust, the roof needs to be wire brushed and repainted to prevent reoccurrence.

5. Destroy moss and mold.

If you realize algae or moss growing on your roof, it is time to take instant action! Algae will eat away your roofing and break down your roofing materials. Mold removal requires the use of harsh materials that might be harmful to you and can cause further damage to your roof if not used appropriately. You can contact a roofing contractor to get rid of algae and afterward install lead or zinc strips to prevent it from reoccurring. When removing moss and mold, avoid power washing your roof. This is because the pressure can cause damage to your roof or get water into parts of your roofing structure that should not be exposed to water.

Having a regular roof maintenance program is essential in helping you avoid unnecessary costs in home repairs. Early fixing of minor roof damages will help you prevent long-term damages that could be expensive to repair. These tips are easy to implement, meaning you can easily do it yourself. You can even contact a roofing contractor to help you with your roofing maintenance needs to ensure that you get the best out of your roof for an extended period.

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