5 Simple Ways to Find the Correct Tires Online

Most people don’t consider shopping online for a purchase like auto tires, but it can actually be a great way to save time and money. Whether it never occurred to you to buy tires online or you simply thought the shipping would be too expensive and hassle-filled, you really should rethink your next tire purchase. Thanks to the available resources, it is quite simple to get the right tires for your vehicle by shopping online when you aren’t facing a tire emergency. 

It is usually cheaper to buy tires online than in store. Online distributors don’t have as much overhead as local stores, which makes it easier for them to offer lower prices. Plus, some big tire companies actually offer customers better deals to buy online than in-store. Other perks include having reviews available to help you choose the ideal tires, avoiding the aggressive salespeople and “upsell” tactics local shops are known for, and a larger selection of tires, including specialty and performance styles.

If you have purchased tires in the past, you are probably used to the dealer or repair shop knowing which tires fit your car. Fortunately, most online tire stores have the option to shop for tires by vehicle make and model, giving you this same advantage. It doesn’t hurt to figure out the model(s) you need on your own, though. A simple search online or glimpse through your owner’s manual can tell you all that you need to know. 

1- Check Your Tires for Information 

Another way to find out what tires your vehicle takes is to look at the tires you currently have. There is a lot of print on them, including the style, model number, size, and other details that you can make note of to use in your online shopping. The biggest thing to look for is the size of the tire– after all, it has to fit the wheel. Beyond that, a majority of the features and specifications are a matter of personal preference.

2- Buy What You Already Have 

The best way to guarantee that you get the right tires is to purchase the OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, model that came with the car when it was built. These may also be referred to as OE, factory, or original tires. If your car already has aftermarket tires that you like, consider re-purchasing that same style or at least sticking with the brand. You can’t go wrong with something that already works. 

3- Choose Reputable Dealers and Stores 

Not all tire stores and dealers are the same. Take the time to shop around and read company reviews to find the best places to shop for tires online. Compare their product selection and prices to their service and support, because you can’t just buy the first set of cheap tires that you find. 

4- Consider Stores that Offer Help with Installation 

Some online retailers will simply sell you tires and ship them to your home, leaving you to figure out the rest. If you already have an installation plan in place, that isn’t a big deal. However, most people don’t come into shopping for tires with this plan, so it can be helpful if a store offers assistance. Many online distributors might have relationships with installers or be able to assist you in other ways to make the process easier. 

5- Compare Your Options 

It can be tempting to buy the first set of tires you find that fit your vehicle and are reasonably priced, but don’t do it. Look at 3 or 4 different models and retailers to ensure you are getting the best deal, and that you are, in fact, getting the correct tires for your specific vehicle. Look at which tires fit your car, your driving style, and your budget. 

Buying tires online has its advantages, as you can see. Take the time to do your homework and use these tips to get more from your purchase. If you are short on time or just hate dealing with pushy salespeople, the internet can help you get a great set of tires for less, no matter what you need.

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