5 Things You Need to Do After a Car Wreck

Car accidents are almost impossible to avoid in the U.S. with the Association for Safe International Road Travel reporting 37,000 people to die each year in road accidents across the nation. The problem of road accidents is growing worse each year with more issues facing drivers in terms of technology use distracting us from the focus needed to drive. The New York Times reports the automatic braking systems designed for use in most new vehicles will put an end to the problem of road accidents in the near future.

1. Stop your vehicle

This is perhaps the most important point in this blog post. Whenever you are involved in a car accident it is vital you do not leave the scene of the wreck as you could find yourself in trouble with law enforcement when they arrive on the scene. The best option to take is to pull into a safe area and call the police to report the accident and get an incident number which will make it easier to avoid issues with insurance claims in the future.

2. Gather evidence

This can involve a series of steps being taken including the need to protect the scene from any further accidents by making others aware of the wreck you were involved in. Evidence is often key to completing an auto insurance claim in a fast and efficient manner which can include the taking of as many pictures as possible using a digital camera or smartphone to make sure any insurance claim is completed quickly with all the damage to your vehicle recorded. Other evidence you will need to maintain is a complete police record which can be used as evidence of blame on your part or of another driver when an insurance claim is processed.

3. Get information from other drivers

Once you have recovered a little from the shock of the car accident you have just been involved in, you should look to exchange information with the drivers also involved in the incident. Firstly, you will wish to obtain the name, address, and telephone numbers of each person involved in the accident and any witnesses to assist with apportioning blame. Alongside basic information, it is important to obtain any insurance details you may need to submit a claim with your provider following the wreck. 

4. Seek medical attention

One of the most important things to remember is the adrenalin in your body will be rushing around and may not allow you to realize you are injured in some way. Even if you are feeling okay following a car wreck, it is important to seek medical attention to assess your condition and clear you of any concussion-type symptoms. Medical issues, such as whiplash, back, and neck pain can be delayed meaning you will not know you are injured until hours after the accident has occurred. Similar issues can occur when you are affected by concussion symptoms, which can be delayed for a long period of time before causing problems with headaches, a loss of balance, and memory issues.

5. Contact an attorney

Most of us have had some dealings with insurance companies during our driving careers which can include a long, drawn-out process of getting what we feel we deserve following an accident. An attorney experienced in dealing with auto wrecks and injuries will provide you with a level of security you may not have felt in the past. When dealing with an auto accident, an experienced attorney will understand how much compensation your case should be worth and what you can claim for. Issues such as lost earnings and long-term medical treatments should be considered when filing claims for compensation for any car wreck.

One of the most important things to do when you are involved in a car wreck is to remain calm and try to go about your required business safely and efficiently. Many drivers create a car wreck checklist and kit with notes and equipment required for getting all the required information for any future insurance claim.

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