5 Tips Before Shipping a Car Across the Country

With the world of business becoming global, it is very easy to interact and transact with people from all over the world. Determined businessmen have expanded their markets to foreign countries. A wide variety of commodities can now be transported from any part of the world to another. However, have you ever asked yourself what happens when you want to transport a car from one country to another where you cannot drive to your destination? It can be so puzzling to move an approximately 4,000-pound car over very long distance. The most preferred solution to this is to hire a professional shipper but before you involve the shipper, here are 5 important tips to consider before shipping a car across the country.

Consider the cost of shipping.

Come up with an approximation of the cost you are likely to incur for you. Inquire from your professional shipper the rates of shipping your specific car model. However, the figures you get are just but estimates. The actual cost is dependent on other variable factors which include: the destination, time bracket and season, type of the car and whether the car is shipped in an enclosed or open container. Some shippers deliver the car up to your doorstep, with this service, you should brace yourself to meet an extra cost unlike when your car is shipped to the port only. Be free to check the shipper’s website to find their quoted prices and compare so as to pick the best deal.

Research extensively about the shipping companies.

Don’t be lured by price only when selecting the shipping company. The reputation of the company is a very important consideration as well. So you need to research more to find out what the reputation of the company is. You have the freedom to ask as many questions as possible after all, your car is worth much more than these important questions. Discoveries from the shipping company if there is any factor that can hike the price as quoted after signing the contract. You have right to know the insurance status of your car while on transit. Is the cost inclusive of insurance and inspection fee? Do not leave any stone unturned.

Book your shipment timely.

Be very organized and make an advance booking, this may be one qualification of getting a discount or meeting an offer. Early booking can also enable you to make partial payments in installments and thus relieving you the burden of having to produce a lot of money at once. In addition, when you make your early booking. In addition, when you make your early booking you can be guaranteed to receive your car on or before the time you anticipated for it.

Thoroughly prepare the car for shipment.

Before handing over the key to your car to the shipping staff, be sure to have removed all your personal belonging from the car if any. Make sure that the car is in perfect mechanical condition. Get a good mechanical engineer to help you if need be. Ascertain that you top off all fluids, retain only about a quarter full of gas tank. Do a thorough cleaning of the external of the car and definitely any scratches or dents that may be caused during shipment will be easily visible.

Scrutinize the Hauler’s insurance.

This is a special insurance cover on goods in transit. This is a very important cover for your car since the normal auto insurance will not cover your car when being transported. Check to ascertain that the company you want to hire has an up-to-date Hauler’s insurance cover and you can rest assured that in case of any uncertainty during transportation, you will be compensated. If you use these tips as your checklist when planning to ship your car, you will get the best experience ever.

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