5 Tips for Finding Unique Car Parts Online

There are many sources of auto parts, but that doesn’t make it any easier for the person who needs a hard-to-find part. However, virtually anything can be found online. Though it may take some time to locate an uncommon part, it is likely that one will be listed for sale at one point or another. Buyers need to make a thorough search for the part to find what is needed and the best available price. 

Part Retailers 

Automotive part retailers carry far more parts online than they do in their local stores. Even if a part store has told a customer that they cannot get the part, it is still a good idea to check the retailer’s website. There are many regional part store chains that may not have a local store, but customers in any location can search the store’s website and order online. Vehicle manufacturers are another source for parts. Though manufacturer will almost always be the most expense source for parts, they generally carry many parts that other part retailers do not. 

Salvage Yards 

The Internet has greatly changed the salvage yard business. Parts that were once nothing more than scrap metal to a local market, can now be sold online to a remote buyer. Many large salvage yards have their own website where they list parts that are available for sale. Many yards also list the vehicles that they have sitting in their lot, which can help those looking for a specific part. There are also websites that specialize in helping customers to find parts. A part search can be carried out to find a specific part at various salvage yards. If the part cannot be found through a search, the websites also allow customers to submit a part request which will then be forwarded to salvage yards across the country. 

Online Marketplaces 

Online marketplaces allow anyone from large businesses to individuals to sell products to the general public. In fact, even the national part stores and salvage yards that sell parts on their own website, also list them on various online marketplaces. Though Amazon and eBay are the most well-known, there are other options available as well. A person looking for a specific part can often find them listed on one or more online marketplaces. Most online marketplaces provide photos of the parts and hold their sellers to a code of conduct including accepting returns. Even if a person cannot find the wanted part, he or she can message sellers who are selling parts from the same vehicle to see if they may have one available. 


Internet forums allow people with similar interests to get together and discuss a variety of topics. There are internet forums devoted to automotive topics in general as well as specific vehicles. A person who is looking for a specific part can join some related forums and post on the forum about finding the part. Buyers need to be careful as there are no guarantees as to who the seller is and whether or not it is a legitimate deal. Ideally, a seller should be willing to put the item on eBay or a similar site and allow the customer to make the purchase on that website. By buying through a third party, a buyer’s personal financial information will not be made available to the seller. 

Internet Searches 

Internet search engines are a simple way to find parts, but it can be difficult to find legitimate sources. However, if all of the other methods have failed, an internet search can be used. The description searched should be as specific as possible. A buyer can also search for the manufacturer’s specific part number for the part, as well as part numbers used by aftermarket makers. Buyers also need to be careful when buying parts from an unknown retailer. The buyer can search the retailer’s name to find reviews online to determine whether or not the retailer is legitimate.

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