5 Top Vaping Flavors

There are a plethora of really cool things that vaping and e-cigarettes have brought to the table. There’s no such as thing as two people with the exact same vaping setup — there’s just too much customization available out there. Have you ever set foot in a full-feature vaping shop? It’s incredible the sheer amount of merchandise that’s available to switch, mix and match your pen or mod box to make the experience yours.

Of course, one of the ways this is achieved is with custom flavors. The paper-bound tobacco industry as a whole has struggled a bit with this one since every cigarette, cigarillo and cigar is prepackaged with a specific flavor, and there are only a handful of flavors you can choose from at any given moment. There are also limitations to the sorts of flavors that you can find with these archaic products. This all changed when vaping became the talk of the age.

Then of course, you have the health factor. While vaping may not be completely safe for everyone — and it does more or less come down to the specific brand of juice you use — it certainly beats out the likes of their paper-based counterparts. If you’re going to roll healthy and look cool doing it in contemporary style, why not pick the most delicious flavors on the market to lubricate the experience? Here, we’ll talk about some of the top flavors to choose from and why they’re so popular.

1. Peach Green Tea

Peach green tea may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s reportedly one of the top favorites among vapers in general. Combining an old favorite fruit flavor with a popular tea flavor, a tangy mix of sweet and and calm combine to make every puff as satisfying as they come. However, many will say that fruit flavors are an absolute “negatory, sir” when it comes to vape juices, so read on for alternatives if this one isn’t a candidate for you.

2. Mocha and Other Coffee Flavors

The one true divide in the world comes down to this question: Are you more of a tea or coffee kind of person? If the latter suits your fancy better, there’s an assortment of mocha and other coffee-based flavors that you can find in vape juice format at most vape shops. When citrus flavors aren’t down your alley, bold coffee flavors might just replace your cup of coffee every morning with caffeinated vape juices. Yep, they’re a thing, and it’s wonderful.

3. Swagger

This is a tobacco-based flavor that’s cited as one of the best juices around with its deep, smooth texture and in-your-face attitude. It’s sparked arguments across the web for its fantastic blend of cool and bold, bringing the two prior entries on this list into one surprisingly powerful mix. There’s not much else to say, and it’s hard to describe in words, but you’ll need to try it to believe it.

4. Black Mamba

We’re back with another fruit-based option, now featuring cranberry and blackberry flavors mixed to create a deep, dark flavor injected straight into your taste buds from your vape pen or mod box. Consider that if bright and sunny fruit flavors aren’t your suit and tie, this one might be compromise you were looking for. Like the other flavors mentioned here, this is cited as one of the top flavors sold at vape shops everywhere, which means that if nothing else, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll enjoy this one.

5. Rip Tide

How does menthol-tinged strawberry and blue raspberry sound? For those who enjoy the quirky mix of invigorating mint stirred in with the sharp tones of citrus, you can’t go wrong with this flavor. Another top-selling juice in the vape industry, Rip Tide has struck a chord as that one flavor that nobody knew existed until they found it. If you’ve never tried it, it might seem a little repulsive at first, but there’s a reason so many people ended up liking it.

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