5 Top Ways to Maintain Your Wooden Furniture

From chairs and shelves to the dining room table, keeping quality furnishings safe from harm will ensure that items are able to maintain both their commercial and aesthetic value. From avoiding humidity and limiting exposure to sunlight to treating wooden surfaces with the right cleaning and protective agents or arranging for professional repair and restoration services, there are plenty of ways that owners may be able to better maintain their wooden furniture. The following tips highlight some of the most basic and effective ways to preserve furniture and protect items from harm.

Avoid Exposure to Heat and Light

Higher temperatures can cause considerable damage to wooden items over time. Limiting direct exposure to sunlight may also minimize fading, warping and other issues which might detract from the appearance of a dresser, chair or other item. Moving furniture away from areas where there is too much heat and light can often make a big difference. In situations where moving furnishings may not be possible, treating wooden surfaces with protective agents may serve to minimize the potential harm that heat or sunlight may cause.
Preventing Issues Caused by High Humidity Levels

Moisture and high humidity levels may pose a greater risk to furnishings than many owners might imagine. Even small quantities of moisture and slightly elevated levels of ambient humidity may cause wooden surfaces to bow, warp or distort their shape and dimensions. Restoring water damage and harm caused by exposure to humidity can often be a difficult and expensive proposition. Keeping furniture as dry as possible is never an issue that should be left up to chance.

Protective Coverings

Everyday wear and tear can really take a toll, especially for items that see heavy use throughout the day. Tablecloths, seat cushions and drink coasters that can protect surfaces from being scratched, marred or exposed to moisture may significantly prolong the lifespan of an item. Protecting furnishings can often be done for a fraction of the total cost needed to restore or replace an item. Investing in items that will compliment the natural beauty and appearance of wooden furnishings can also go a long way towards ensuring that owners are able to create and maintain a more attractive aesthetic or decorative theme.

Using the Right Cleaning Agents

Using the wrong cleansers and cleaning products on natural wood can result in extensive damage. Utilizing only products that have been specially formatted for use on wooden surfaces is never a concern that should be taken lightly. Abrasive cleaning agents can scratch softer materials, such as wood, and may leave lasting marks which may significantly detract from an items overall appearance. Even cloths, rags and brushes that are made from the wrong fibers or materials can create problems. Furniture owners who are serious about protecting and preserving their furnishings would be smart to double check all cleaning products in order to ensure they are safe to use.

Seeking Out Professional Repair Solutions

Even the best efforts to protect and maintain furniture are not always sufficient. From minor cosmetic issues to major structural damage, seeking professional repair and restoration solutions may be an issue of considerable importance. Lacking the resources and experience needed to properly repair wooden furniture can become a real obstacle for those who choose to do the work themselves. When it comes to restoring items or repairing any damage that wooden furniture may have suffered, doing business with a professional helps to ensure that superior quality results are able to be achieved.

Keeping Wooden Furniture Looking Great

From learning more about basic care and upkeep to knowing where to find the best repair services and solutions, there are plenty of ways that furniture owners can keep their items looking their best. Lacking awareness regarding the most effective ways to maintain wooden furnishings could lead to no end of problems that might reduce the value of a piece or turn even the most well-crafted furnishings into little more than an eyesore. Proper cleaning, routine maintenance and professional repairs may all be required in order to prevent or address the issues that may be causes should an item be harmed or damaged.

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