5 Trends in Website Design for 2020

As a result of ever-evolving technologies and trends, there is always something new going on in the world of website design. What was popular several years ago is considered outdated today. Anyone that has a website should be motivated to ensure it’s on trend because it can make the difference between capturing the attention of leads and having a high bounce rate. The information below will help you understand what to expect for website design in 2020 so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

1. Interactivity

While animation and video aren’t new tools used in website design, what’s on the horizon for 2020 is different in that motion is being used more generously to capture the attention of visitors and engage with the target audience. Let’s face it, there’s a lot happening online and it’s often difficult to maintain the attention of site visitors. Web designers have realized that the attention span of visitors can be maintained when there are more moving elements than what has been the norm. The types of motion that will be used in 2020 include video headers and micro-animations, among others. Using motion on a website can be a bit tricky because it also has a tendency to distract website visitors if done incorrectly. You’ll have to make sure you have a good interactivity strategy for your website.

2. Oversized Fonts

One of the goals in website development is to make sure you communicate with clarity. This has not always been done effectively in the past. As a result, there will be a greater use of oversized fonts. This will include other elements that are oversized, such as large menu icons, full screen videos, and full screen images. In addition to making sure visitors understand what’s being sold and are able to easily grasp your message, oversized fonts and elements will also grab their attention better than smaller fonts and elements. Aesthetically, larger designs features are a lot more attractive.

3. Split Screens

In the event that you need to convey more than one idea but you don’t want to overwhelm your reader, a solution will be the use of the split screen technique. This is a way to convey all of the information necessary without confusing the reader. It can also help to ensure your website remains uncluttered. What makes the split screen design work is the fact that each side is unique and clearly different from the other side.

4. Color Blocking

Color blocking has always been a great design tool in marketing. Since a website is part of your marketing campaign, it makes sense that color blocking would work there too. In 2020, you will see websites that contain color blocking encompassing different size rectangles, squares, circles and other shapes. This is also beneficial for the purpose of expressing various ideas and messages. Without a doubt, color blocking is a very attractive way to capture the attention of website visitors as long as the information provided is not overwhelming. It must be presented neatly and orderly using complimentary colors.

5. Lots of White Space

Since a common theme for 2020 is ensuring clarity, it makes sense that there is a lot of white space on websites. This is also referred to as negative space in the website design world. The purpose is to give the website the illusion of being more spacious and less overwhelming. This can also be accomplished by making sure the margins are sufficient. Visiting a website that’s cluttered and then visiting a website with plenty of white space is like a breath of fresh air.

Transforming your website in 2020 can actually be exciting. More importantly, a fresh new look can lead to higher conversions. Let’s keep in mind that the conversion rate is really what this is all about.

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