5 Ways to Capitalizes on Your Teen’s Interest in Engineering

For many teenagers, a strong interest in science and engineering can quickly develop into a lifelong passion. Whether they’re taking a free online engineering course with Harvard or Yale or shadowing a professional at a local business or university, there are many things that teenagers can do to cultivate their passion for engineering. Here are just five ways to nurture your child’s interest in becoming an engineer, and why doing so can be an immensely rewarding process for both of you!

1. Take an Online Class With Your Child

With the advent of high-speed Internet connections making it easier than ever to take free online classes with schools. Taking a free course with your teen can be a great way to foster their interest in engineering. When they take an online class, your teen will get a real sense of what will be expected of them in college-level engineering courses. That can be a great way for your teen to hit the ground running when they start their college career. It can also help them to excel in their high school coursework.

2. Visit Potential Colleges

Just as taking online classes can help your teen prepare for life at college, a visit to a target school can do wonders for your child’s educational aspirations. When a child becomes excited about the learning opportunities afforded by a university education, they’ll naturally strive to excel in their high school classes. And when they have a concrete educational goal to achieve, they’ll really take their performance academic performance to the next level. Giving children a concrete goal to achieve is a great way to help them form a plan of action for pursuing a subject that they love.

3. Visit a Science Museum

For kids who love learning about science and engineering, a trip to a good science museum can be a truly wonderful and engaging experience. Science museums tend to present otherwise dry or complex concepts in compelling and easy-to-understand ways; for kids, that can make the process of learning about subjects such as engineering fun and engaging rather than a chore. For a productive and fun experience for the whole family, it doesn’t get much better than a visit to a science museum. If there isn’t a science museum in your area, try including a trip to one on your next family vacation.

4. Schedule a Day to Shadow an Engineer

To really give your teen a sense of what a job as an engineer is like, try arranging a day for them to shadow at a local company or university. When teens see first-hand what a job as an engineer is like, it can truly capture their interest and enable them to develop strong career goals. Moreover, the encouragement they’ll receive from professionals can also boost their self-confidence, and they’ll get great experience to list on their college applications to boot. That can be a win-win for everyone involved.

5. Provide Them With Tech Software

If you want your teen to get hands-on experience with engineering technology, try finding a few pieces of software that will teach them the ropes about a field that they’re interested in. For example, teens who express an interest in software engineering can truly benefit from having the right coding tools at their disposal; for example, many successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs first developed a passion for software engineering by working firsthand with computers and computer software as children. An enormous number of free programs exist to help teens learn how to program computers, so don’t worry about breaking the bank when it comes to providing the right learning materials to your teen.

For these reasons, supporting your child’s interest in engineering can be a great way to help them foster a love of education and challenging scientific work. With the right approach, you’ll help your child get the experience they need to take their academic performance and career plans to the next level, and you’ll give them the chance to pursue a career that they may love. When it comes to parenting, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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