6 Advantages of Having Solar Screens in Your House

Window treatments perform many tasks aside from giving a room personality and elegance. They keep the effects of weather from entering the room. They afford the family some privacy. They keep the sun from turning a room into a sauna. Window treatments also keep the sun from fading your paintings, rugs, and furnishings. 

What about solar screens? What are they, and how do they keep the sun from fading your possessions? Solar screens can either be fitted to the outside of your windows, or they can hang inside the windows much like a roller shade. Either way, they prevent glare, solar heat gain, and damage by UV rays. Here are six benefits of solar screens for your windows. 

1. Reduce Heat

Heat and cold are attracted to each other so strongly that they’ll seek each other out through any means available. That generally means through your windows are the first place they look. Preventing this will keep your power bill at a reasonable level. 

Screen fabrics are either light or dark with reflective capability. Up to 90 percent of the heat is bounced back into the atmosphere. This is accomplished by the screen absorbing and reflecting the heat at the same time air is flowing through the screen. The room they’re protecting will be cooler to the tune of approximately 60 degrees. 

2. Reduce Heat Loss

In winter, your desire to be warm is just the opposite of your desire to be cool in summer. This will be accomplished by reversing the solar screens, placing the reflective side toward the window instead of out the window. The screens work with your HVAC system by controlling heat gain or loss. The screens will absorb heat, therefore keeping your power bill reasonable. 

3. UV Ray Protection

While natural sunlight boosts the mood, energizes us, and is healthy, there are some unhealthy things about it. UV rays are more powerful than UVA rays, causing vision troubles, sunburn, premature aging, and they directly interact with DNA in the skin. They are the major cause of skin cancer. 

Solar screens keep these rays from entering your rooms. Not only your body but your furnishings will benefit from these screens. Your floors, rugs, paintings, and furniture will not fade, retaining their bright color for years to come. 

4. Reduce Glare

Couldn’t you just cry when your favorite scene comes up on a TV show, but the glare from the sun keeps you from seeing it? The same thing happens when you’re typing a report on your computer for work or school the next day, and the sun is making it impossible to see the screen. 

It’s important to know the “openness” factor of your screens. The lower the percentage (three to five percent,) the darker the screens and the less light enters the room. A higher openness factor (five to twenty percent) means you can see out your windows, but the glare is severely reduced. 

5. Privacy

Not everyone who walks a dog at dusk, strolls around with a sketchpad in hand, or holds a clipboard while eyeballing a house is a possible intruder. On the other hand, you don’t want anyone with eyes to see checking out what goes on in your house. 

Here is where the opacity of your solar screens enters the picture. Of course you want light to enter the house at the same time its ill effects are being curbed. Alternatively, you don’t want everyone seeing how much stuff you have. 

Sheers aren’t the way to go if you seek privacy. Opaque screens are a step before black-out screens. They let in some light, but not much. They also keep nosy neighbors from checking out your stuff. Most people go with semi-opaque. This is a screen that lets in light to your specifications, but keeps people from seeing in. 

6. Ease Of Use

Solar screens allow air to enter the window while keeping not only heat but bugs and dust out. They can be cleaned by taking them down and washing them with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly, let them dry, and put them back up. 

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