6 Bills That Still Should Be Paid Via Check

If you are like most Americans, you’ve largely stopped using checks to pay your bills. Paying online is quicker and easier, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right for every bill. Below are six bills that you need to keep paying with a check.


Paying your rent by check might seem old-fashioned, but it’s a great way to deal with this type of payment process. It gives you more control over when money comes out of your account, and hand-delivering your check gives you the ability to know that your landlord has received your money. You should also get a physical receipt when you deliver a check, giving you proof that you actually paid your rent each month.


While auto-pay can be a great way to pay your bills, it’s usually a good idea to pay your utility bill by check. Not only do some smaller utility companies charge a fee for paying online or by card, but paying your utility bill by check allows you to know exactly how much this variable bill is going to cost each month.

Phone Bill

When looking at how you pay your bills, paying for your phone usage by check might seem a bit strange. After all, almost every phone company allows online payments and most are more than happy to help you set up automatic payments with a few clicks. It’s a good idea to pay this one by check, though, because you want to make sure that you’re not getting hit with any ‘extra’ charges that aren’t supposed to be on your bill.

Cable Bill

If holding your phone company accountable is useful, doing the same with your cable company is a must. If you choose to pay by check, you won’t be surprised when your bill suddenly jumps up because a promotional period has ended or that you’re suddenly being assessed a new service charge. In this case, you’re really paying by check because you want to force yourself to look at your itemized bill each month.

Debt Payments

Paying off your debts is a great way to improve your credit score and lead you to a debt-free lifestyle, but it’s not always the easiest thing in the world to do. Many debt collection companies want to set up an automatic draft to ensure that you keep paying, but doing so isn’t always in your best interest. Paying by check makes it much easier to establish both how much you paid and when it was paid, and it also puts some negotiating power back in your hands. Paying by check also stops debt collectors from ‘accidentally’ taking out payments after your debt was paid off and your payment arrangements were supposed to come to an end.

Business Expenses

If you are an independent contractor, it’s vital that you pay any bills that are related to your business with a physical check. This is the best way to establish your expenditures throughout the year, giving you a great ledger from which to work when it comes time to pay your taxes. Paying by check is even more important if you end up getting audited, as you will have some sort of physical proof of your transactions to show to the IRS.

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