6 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

When you are planning a wedding, several actions should be avoided to make the process as stress-free as possible. Few things are worse than being frazzled on your wedding day or running around getting last minute things accomplished before getting ready. Read the list below for 6 common wedding planning mistakes.

Not Delegating Tasks

You probably have people asking you multiple times if they can help you do something so let them help. Delegate the tasks so you are not overwhelmed with stress. Your friends, family, and bridal party can help you with a multitude of tasks, and if you are truly struggling, consider hiring a wedding planner. Many venues will even come with a wedding planner as an extra amenity. If you are having people assist you (and you should), make a list of who is doing what and make sure they have proper directions. On the wedding day, the bride and groom should be in charge of nothing.

Waiting Until the Last Minute

As many college students know, procrastination is killer. Don’t let your wedding slide down the procrastination trail. Buy a planner or download an app, and stay organized! You may only have a few weeks to plan a wedding or many months, but make sure you have your bases covered. Check out wedding guideline lists to double check yourself.

Trying to Outdo Your Friends

Keeping up with the Joneses applies to every aspect of life…including wedding planning. Whether your trying to impress your college roommate, sister-in-law, or coworker, just remember that you only have your wedding day once. If you waste your time and money planning a wedding to outshine other weddings, you will only remember your wedding as a competition. Instead choose what you and your love truly want on your wedding day. If you make your wedding about you, it will truly shine and impress your guests for the right reasons.

Going Overboard

KISS. Keep it simple, stupid! Especially in the age of social media, it’s so easy to find hundreds of ideas that will truly make for a beautiful wedding, but you have to be realistic. Ask yourself if you truly need the twelve fondue stations with heart shaped fruit. You will need time and money to complete a long list of wedding goals, and you have to keep the big picture in mind. Some people get so focused on the details (like wedding favors or decorating centerpieces) that they forget the important items (like writing vows or making sure they have a pair of appropriate shoes).

Not Going With Your Gut

Whether it is due to financial restraints or pleasing other people, trust your gut and go with your first choice unless you absolutely cannot. Of course, you may like the $10,000 dress but only have a $1,000 budget, but if you are choosing your dress only because your great aunt does not like lace, go with your heart’s desire. All people have opinions, but remember that it is your wedding.

Not Enjoying the Moment

You’ve finally made it to your wedding day. Now is the time to just let it all go. At this point, you’ve finally made it to your big day so it is not worth it stress. You might remember if your guest cards were not displayed correctly (but chances are you will not), but your guests will not have a clue. Just relax and enjoy celebrating with your guests!

Throughout the wedding process, just remember that the most important part…marrying your love. Do not get so lost in the details that you forget the reason you are getting married in the first place. You only get one wedding day so be sure to avoid stress any way you can.

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