6 Crazy Ways to Use Cigars as Part of a Gift Basket

Giving gift baskets to a gentleman friend or a groom’s man can be rather difficult. In some cases, it sounds like a ridiculous idea. Gift baskets seem like the perfect gift to give a family or a woman. However, the real trick here is to pay attention to the gift basket’s contents. Depending on what goes into the basket, this gift certainly can be geared toward male friends. One great item to include in a gift basket for men is cigars. Here are six creative ways to include cigars in any gift basket.

1- Pairing Cigars with a Drinking Tankard

In many cases, drinking seems synonymous with smoking. This statement appears to be especially true in social situations. Therefore, a man might very well appreciate receiving a drinking tankard with some high-quality cigars as a thank you or birthday present. The tankard does not have to be full, but it can be personalized to a specific person. Some grooms like to give these gifts to the men in their wedding party as a sign of masculine gratitude. Certain companies make cigar boxes that look like drinking tankards. Only a few of these tankards double as a cigar box and a drinking vessel, though.

2- Scotch Glasses, Samples of Alcohol, and a Stogie

As mentioned previously stated, alcohol and smoking seem to go hand in hand. Pairing a few stogies with a sample of alcohol is a great idea in and of itself. Focusing on a bourbon or whiskey are great options. Scotch seems to be one of the preferred options in the long run because of the flavor profile it imparts. This flavor profile seems to pair well with certain flavors of cigars, too. Instead of wrapping them up in a typical basket, though, there is one, a logical vessel for the alcohol and stogie to come in together would be a whiskey or scotch glass. Like the drinking tankard, these glasses can be designed in any way a person pleases. They can be specialized to one person, or they can resemble one another with a specific message or design.

3- Writing and Smoking

Instead of just giving a man a few cigars and a cutting tool, you could also pair the cigar with a few luxury pens. The two items can be delivered in the same box together. The pen can be stylized to match a certain person’s personality, or it can look like a cigar even. It can be used for business purposes or pleasure. The key here is the box the two items come in looks professional and sophisticated.

4- Cigars and Cuff Links

Cuff links and tie tacks are typical gift fare for groomsmen. Pairing the two in a set is always a nice touch. However, slipping in a few cigars along the way can also make a special impression. All three of these items can come with a cigar humidor or a cutting tool. In some cases, all parts of the set can look as if they resemble one another in style. Monograms can be added with ease.

5- Hiding the Cigars under Tissues

Cigar boxes are known for storing many other things once they are empty. However, the box itself can come with other purposes. One idea combines a tissue box with drawers hidden underneath. The box looks nondescript, but the drawers are specially built for hiding away cigars. Quality tissues and various types of cigars can be included in the gift set, too.

6- Cigars and Meat

Meats and cheeses are more than likely to come together in gift sets. More often than not, they come with various mustards and crackers, too. However, sneaking in a few cigars could never hurt. It means pairing together two favorite past times that people can enjoy talking over: eating and smoking.

Plenty of gift basket ideas exists for men. Adding in some cigars makes for a splash of sophistication. Several men have been shown smoking stogies with a sense of elegance and decorum. Many conversations have been held over cigars, so it makes sense to pair them with other items that can entice conversations to continue onward. These six gift basket ideas are bound to make this situation happen.

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